Did You Know These Health Facts?

Unborn Babies are Susceptible to Type I Diabetes When Mother Suffers from Viral Infection

As per a research conducted, if a mother suffers from viral infection during conception, then the unborn baby is susceptible to Type 1 diabetes. A group of researchers has conducted survey of more than 1000 healthy and expecting mothers and founded that the virus causes undue harm to the cells of the uterus as the result of which growing fetus becomes susceptible to Type 1 diabetes. Women who want to prevent this situation are advised to get vaccinated during pregnancy.

Say No Antibiotics for Cough and Running Nose:

Doctors are of the opinion that antibiotics enhance the defense mechanisms of microbes. So, antibiotics taken during cold and running nose harm you actually. If you have cough and troubled from running nose, then better not to take antibiotics.

Stress and Lifestyle Changes Are the Root Causes of Diabetes:

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases which is primarily related to your lifestyle changes. You fall victim to this disease when your body cells cannot make use of the blood glucose. Stress and sedentary lifestyles are the prime causes of diabetes, which can be cured naturally by the regular consumption of soaked mustard seeds in an empty stomach every morning.

Ginger and Black Pepper Conrol Obesity:

To get a sure shot respite from obesity, boil some pieces of ginger in water and bring it to cool. Mix two spoonfuls of lemon juice in it and consume it on a daily basis. Apart from that, you can mix a teaspoonful of black pepper powder in a glassful of warm lime water and drink it for a month. Black pepper is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the earth.

Raisins and Soybeans Control Blood Pressure:

Incorporating a fistful of soybeans and raisins in your daily diet controls your blood pressure. As per a research work conducted by “The American College of Cardiology,” chewing a fistful of raisins a day checks the elevated blood pressure levels. As per a survey conducted, people who consume raisins in their daily diet can control the rising blood pressure level in 12 weeks.

Cinnamon, Mint, Fennel and Cloves For Fresh Breath:

After having meals, rinse your mouth thoroughly and chew cinnamon, fennel, cloves or thymes to get a kissable fresh breath. Chewing mint leaves and gargling with warm lemon water would also help you get rid of foul breath emanating from your mouth.

Tobacco is Responsible For Infertility:

If you think that tobacco affects just your mouth and teeth, you need to think again. As per a research work conducted by Department of Biophysics, PGI Chandigarh, tobacco can be a cause of infertility in males as the consumption of tobacco affects the enzymes that assist in the production of sex hormones.


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