Debunking 5 Prevalent Myths About Back Pain

5 Prevalent Myths About Backaches Debunked

Your spine has to pay the cost of the long hours you spent at a desk. A wrong sitting posture, twisting and bending all can result in an utter back pain.


To make the matters worse, there are certain myths also which do not let you get the respite you seek. Let us have a quick look at the myths that are clouding your vision and the truths behind them.

Myth 1:  People who are too young and in good shape cannot have backache

This is a wrong belief. There are so many people who believed that only the elderly and out-of-shape population can suffer from backaches. Statistics have revealed that people aged 45 or younger become the worst hit victims of back pain. Spine is one of the most frequently injured parts of your body. The discs between each vertebra cushion your spine and provide movement. These discs begin to degenerate when you hit puberty. So, there is no relationship between your age and back-pain.

Myth 2: Back pain leads to paralysis

Spinal cord starts right from the base of your brain. It goes all through the neck and ends at the upper part of your lower back. Lumber spine does not have any spinal cord and has a large space which is meant for the nerve roots. So, however aggravated your back pain may be, it cannot cause paralysis.

Myth 3:  Spine could be easily injured

This is just a myth because spine has a robust structure. Muscles, tendons, ligaments surround the spine and provide it support, flexibility and strength. Sometimes, when you experience such pain, it could be due to strained muscles or ligaments.

Myth 4: Those who are physically active do not suffer from the back pain.

There is a certain amount of truth behind this myth. But, back pain can affect active and well-conditioned people as well. People with sedentary lifestyles are more vulnerable to the back pain. If you play golf, cricket, gymnast etc. you are likely to suffer from back pain.

Myth 5: Sleeping on the hard bed or floor can relieve you from the back pain.

Sleeping on the hard bed may cause more harm than good. If you suffer from the back pain you have to be comfortable while sleeping. So, you should use just a normal bed with cotton mattress.

There are certain other wrong beliefs regarding back pain some people say that it is due to weak bones while others believe that poor diet is responsible for back ache. However, people taking a lot of calcium in diet and having strong bones also experience back pain.

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