Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

 Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

Do you miss lovemaking for the nine crucial months of your pregnancy and begin to feel sex starved for the safety of your unborn child? Is it right to curb your cravings for such a long time?

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4 Simple Tips on How to Stop Premature Ejaculations

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Trauma of males suffering from the issue of premature ejaculation is comprehensible. This hampers the ultimate pleasure that the lovemaking process brings and both the partners are left disillusioned. At the initial stages, men do not realize it during the sexual encounters and think that these are just hurried ones. But, as time passes by, he explores the problem. So, how to stop pre-mature ejaculation? Before this health issue becomes your mental agony, you should follow certain tips and nip the problem in the bud.… Read more

Why Should You Cuddle and Caress Your Partner After Sex?

Couple cuddling in glass corridor, AustraliaDo you embrace your partner after sex or just let her go after the act is over? Hugging your partner after sex is a gesture that shows your care and affection so it is an important phase of sex. While the males rush to wash themselves or to take a shower just after ejaculation, females just love to get hugged after the play and consider it as important as the act itself. It is so because it shows more than just a physical attraction. They love to be caressed and cuddled after the intercourse.… Read more

Superfoods for Strong and Firm Erections

Woman hugging her husband while eating cerealOwing to obesity or other physiological disorders, a large number of males suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and there are plenty of other health conditions due to which you fail to get strong and firm erections. The good news however is that just by tweaking your lifestyle you can reverse the causes of erectile dysfunction. Enumerated here are 5 super foods that you must eat to get strong erections and optimum sexual pleasure. … Read more

Some Common Myths Associated With Masturbation

Some Common Myths Associated With Masturbation

Despite several myths associated with masturbation, to talk about it clearly is still a taboo in many parts across the globe. Why people do not want to talk about this self-pleasure seeking activity? Owing to the prevalent myths about this practice, people are scared about its adverse health effects. Debunked here are some of the myths associated with masturbation. … Read more