Burn Belly and Thigh Fat Effectively With These 7 Tips

Burn Belly and Thigh Fat Effectively With These 7 Tips

Belly fat tends to accumulate when you begin to age, but no wonder if you have pot bellies, and heavy abdomen as early as the age of 20. Whatever your age may be, if you want to lose belly, thighs and hips fat, you need to follow these 7 useful tips.

But, let us have a quick look at what causes the fat accumulation around these areas.

Why Are Females Vulnerable to Abdominal Fat?

The lower body tissues in females contain lipoprotein lipase in abundance that stores fat easily and hence females tend to gain fat around the abdominal areas. But the fat accumulated in man is riskier as it released in the blood stream and clogs the coronary arteries that cause diabetes, hypertension and a number of other health issues.


Doing Sit Ups and Crunches:

These simple and easy abdominal exercises train your recruits oblique muscles. These easy to perform exercises should be reversed every alternate day. You should try performing oblique crunches too.

An Effective Good Morning Exercise:

After having your lukewarm lime water, try performing this effective exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. Bend your body in the shape of a bow. Stand in an erect posture and place your feet closely. Keep the knee portion straight and bend your body down from the waist so as to bend your body in the shape of a bow. Now, slant yourself a little forward and make very sure that your hamstrings are in use. Repeat this several times.

Climbing Stairs Regularly:

This is an effective exercise to lose thigh fat quickly. If you are a busy woman and cannot take out time for squats and leg extensions, you should focus on toning your muscles. To lose thigh fat, focusing on hamstring and quadriceps work and climbing stairs lets you achieve that goal.

Put Your Body into a Fat Burning Mode:

This is done by incorporating healthy lifestyle that kicks up your metabolic rate. Needless to say, have 8-10 glasses of water daily. Take your meals early and incorporate high dietary fibres in your diet. There are certain spices like red pepper, cinnamon and turmeric that boost your metabolic rate.

Incorporate Swimming, Skipping, Biking and Dancing in Your Daily Routine:

All cardiovascular exercises are important. To tone up the thigh muscles and lose fat from that area, you need cycle your way out. Similarly, skipping and swimming also helps tone up the thigh and abdominal fat.

Take Higher Portion of Proteins:

The more muscle building food you take, the better it would be for your fitness regime. Try incorporating eggs, lentils, gram and other protein rich sources in your diet.

Take At least 8 Hours of Sound Sleep:

Fat burning hormones are produced when you sleep. So, do not forget to take a sleep of at least 8 hours a day to bid adieu to the stubborn fat around your belly and thighs.

Losing belly and abdomen fat can be really simple if you follow a disciplined lifestyle. You need to know the right set of exercises and the right diet.

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