12 Unknown Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

12 Unknown Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut is one of the invaluable treasures that nature has bestowed on us. No doubts that the oil derived from this invaluable resource is the best thing for your health and beauty. Most of the people know that this healthy extract from coconut is used either as a hair oil or for cooking purposes.

Thousands of health and beauty benefits of coconut oil are not talked about. Let us talk about the goodness of this oil in detail.

How Coconut Oil is Produced

How Coconut Oil is Produced?

The white pulp of the coconut is used to prepare the oil. Traditionally, the oil is extracted from the coconut by processing, drying, crushing its hard white pulp. The extract from this pulp  optimize the body’s defense abilities, lower down the blood cholesterol levels and it is a boon for your digestive system.

Coconut Oil is Natural Sunscreen

Coconut Oil is Natural Sunscreen:

Incredible though it may sound but yes, it is true that coconut oil can be applied over the exposed areas of your body to protect the skin against the sun. Though it has a low Sun Protection Factor (SPF) which varies between 4-6. Nevertheless, it is better to use a natural sunscreen rather than using the chemical laden ones!


It is An Anti-ageing Treatment

It is An Anti-ageing Treatment:

Not just because it protects your skin from damage, but because of the fact that it gets absorbed easily into your skin and sinks deep into its layers. When your skin begins to age, liver spots tend to develop and when you go out in the sun without applying sunscreen, your skin begins to show the signs of aging. Coconut oil, repairs and rejuvenate the tissues of your skin and make your skin fair. This in turn lessens the appearance of wrinkles and the age related spots also disappear with the regular application of coconut oil.

Great Anti-acne Treatment

It can be a Great Anti-acne Treatment:

Extract obtained from the white pulp of coconut oil has great anti-bacterial properties. It is a great moisturizer and can be applied for the treatment of psoriasis and acne. Not only this, it can be applied overnight to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. The oil is known to make your skin fairer by nourishing it deeply.


Hair Conditioner

It is a Great Hair Conditioner:

Though this beauty benefit of coconut oil is known to many. Traditionally, the oil is used for making hair grow thicker and denser. Apply lukewarm (so that it gets deeply absorbed) twice a week to replenish natural oils in your hair because you lose them every time you wash your hair as the result of which your hair begin to lose natural luster. So, the regular application of coconut oil, repairs your damaged hair and keeps them well nourished. It also wards of dandruff as it hydrates your scalp.



Enhances the Nutritional Value of Smoothies:

By adding a spoonful of coconut oil in your morning smoothies, you would be able to give an excellent texture to your smoothie and the compounds contained in the oil fights against the cholesterol and give you wholesome nutrition.


Metabolism Booster

It is an Energy and Metabolism Booster:

The coconut oil is a natural energy booster as it contains a typical type of saturated fats known as MCT or medium-chain triglycerides. Coconut is the best naturally occurring source of MCT. Athletes use this oil for its excellent fat burning properties. The oil is considered to be the best cooking oil because it gets digested, metabolized and used by our bodies more easily than the other oils. The oil helps your body conserve the energy that can be used to burn fats and hence it is a great metabolism booster also.

The Oil Treats Brain Disorders Like Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy:

Most of the food that we eat contain long chain fatty acids, but the coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which go right to the liver from your digestive track and gets converted into ketones which are an instant source of energy. Ketones are produced when our body converts fat into energy. The basic source of energy for our brain is glucose. Brain cells of the people suffering from Alzheimer cannot metabolize glucose. Ketones that are produced in our bodies when coconut oil is digested is a great alternative source that keeps your brain nourished.

No scientific study can ever refute the fact that the coconut oil prevents dementia.

lip balm

Moisturize Chapped Lips:

Coconut oil is known to be the best naturally occurring moisturizer. Mix a tablespoonful of coconut oil with a few drops of olive oil, rose water and honey to prepare a lip balm. Stir these ingredients with the help of a spoon and refrigerate this. The mixture is used as an excellent lip balm. It keeps your lips hydrated and nourished.


It Softens the Cuticle:

If the ragged cuticles nag you try using coconut oil to soften them. You can make use of your ring finger to swipe the oil and apply it on your hardened cuticles. The oil sinks in and the moisturizing properties of this oil will help strengthen your nails. Hydrating your cuticles on regular intervals keep them nourished and makes your hand look beautiful.

Boosts Immunity

It Boosts Immunity:

Being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral, coconut oil should be consumed by the people with weal immunity. It enhances the body immunity and keeps you fit. The oil should be consumed by the pregnant ladies to keep constipation and uneasiness like heartburn at bay.

under eye

Removes Under Eye Signs of Aging:

Being the most delicate zone, your under-eye area is prone to aging and hence show the first signs of aging. Coconut oil can be used successfully to combat these signs of aging. If you have dark eye circles around your eyes, you can apply a thin coat of coconut oil with the help of a finger under your eyes. Doing this on a regular basis helps you get rid of the dark under eye circles.


Can Be Used as a Highlighter:

If you are not blessed with a glowing skin, make use of coconut oil as a highlighter. All you need to do is to dab a cotton ball into a bowlful of liquefied coconut oil and apply it over your cheekbones. That apart, apply a stroke over your cupid’s bow just above your eyebrows and just above your upper lips. Regular application will make your eyebrow grow denser.

The oil increases your immunity, improve your digestion and owing to its excellent hydrating properties it is a boon to your beauty. The oil is fortified with saturated fats that do not cause any harm to your blood lipid profile. Saturated fats of the oil raise HDL, which is a good cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. Not only, the regular usage of coconut oil for cooking purpose, change the harmful LDL cholesterol level of your blood to a benign subtype.

92% saturated fats contained in the oil makes the oil highly beneficial. Thousands of health and beauty of coconut oil cannot be overlooked. The most significant MCT present in the coconut oil is Lauric Acid which is responsible for the production of HDL that keeps your heart healthy and body fat at bay.

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