A Few Winter Skin Care Blunders That We Normally Do ..

skin care during winter

skin care during winter

All those who are particular about the way they look would never want to have a dull complexion and lifeless/dry skin in the winter season.

However, almost every one of us make a few blunders which ruin our skin. Let us have a quick look at some of the winter skin care blunders. You can prevent them to make your skin glow with health.

Hot Shower:

Winter season and warm water bath, they seem to be two inseparable things. Right? But, if you think that taking a hot shower during winter season protects your skin and keep the skin pores open. Think again! Hot water robs moisture from your skin. The outermost layer of our skin is made up of keratinocytes which retain the moisture and natural oil of our skin. When hot water is poured over it, the layer is stripped off and the natural oils of your skin get lost. So, to avoid this, you should use only a slightly warm water and apply a good moisturizer immediately after taking a bath.

You Neglect to Exfoliate:

Do you know why you exfoliate your skin? Exfoliation slough off dead skin cells. You need to remove those dead tissues from your skin to rejuvenate it. You can make use of a home-made scrubs by making use of coffee, almonds or oatmeal. This will maintain a healthy glow in winter by preventing the accumulation of debris. So, if you want to reveal a new skin underneath during the season, which is harsh on your skin, you should never neglect exfoliation.

You Do Not Hydrate it at Regular Intervals:

Your skin tends to be rough, dry and scaly during the winter season. You need to keep it hydrated always. Massage your face well with lukewarm olive or almond oil before going to bed and apply the face mask made up of honey and curd (both are the best possible naturally occurring moisturizers)

You Expose Yourself:

Knowingly or unknowingly, you expose certain areas of your bodies to the harsh weather that steals natural oils and moisturizers from your skin. So, be cautious and cover all the exposed areas of your body properly before you go out in the fog. The more you are covered, the more you are protected.

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