4 Simple Tips on How to Stop Premature Ejaculations

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Trauma of males suffering from the issue of premature ejaculation is comprehensible. This hampers the ultimate pleasure that the lovemaking process brings and both the partners are left disillusioned. At the initial stages, men do not realize it during the sexual encounters and think that these are just hurried ones. But, as time passes by, he explores the problem. So, how to stop pre-mature ejaculation? Before this health issue becomes your mental agony, you should follow certain tips and nip the problem in the bud.

Premature Ejaculation is not Same as Erectile Dysfunction:

Premature ejaculation is not same as erectile dysfunction, so do not get confused. In this sex health issue, males ejaculate quickly, generally about two minutes before the start of lovemaking process. So, it means finishing of the act before the achievement of orgasm. Thankfully, it is not a medical condition and this psychosomatic condition can be rectified easily.

Stop Using Temporary Relief:

Some males are just desperate to overcome this embarrassing situation during their sexual encounters and therefore they begin to use pills, creams and sprays. These methods bring temporary relief only and therefore you should stop using them.

Try These Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculations:

1) Practice Foreplay as Much as You Can:

Men get excited much more quickly in the presence of the stimulus. So, they need to practice foreplay techniques. This will keep their excitement in control and will help them have prolonged sex with their partners. Caressing, massaging, touching and caressing are some of the foreplays that can help getting you in sync with the fair sex. So, do not jump on the bed to just indulge in the actual play only. Try these foreplay tricks.

2) Understand Your Arousal Levels:

All the males should know that they pass through three different stages before they ejaculate. They need to understand these levels. If they take note of their penis, they would be able to find out that it passes through four stages. Lengthening, filling, full erection and finally hard erection. The fourth stage  is the sign that he is about to ejaculate. Prolonging the arousal controls premature ejaculations. So, the third stage should be slowed down. Relaxing and breathing slowly at this stage helps a lot.

3) Use Shallow Thrusts in the Beginning:

Using shallow thrusts during the process can check pre-mature ejaculation. So, take care to penetrate only 1.5 to 2 inches of your organ. This way, only the first few inches of your penis will be excited. Deep thrusts in the beginning will cause faster level of arousal and in all chances you will end up ejaculating much before you should.

4) Practice Breathing Deeply and Slowly:

Due to sexual excitement, both the partners begin to breathe faster than they should. This is a cause of arousal and hastens the process of ejaculation. If you want to delay ejaculation, you should try breathing slowly and deeply. You should try to synchronize your breathing with your partner so that you can be well-connected during the process.

By following these tricks you can control pre-mature ejaculation and would last longer in the bed. Stop being disenchanted and worry not if you fail to satisfy her due to this psychosomatic condition. You can overcome this problem.

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