9 Weight Loss Tips that Give You Quicker and Lasting Results

9 Weight Loss Tips that Give You Quicker and Lasting Results

You know the magic mantra: “Watch your diet and exercise on a regular basis”. So, it is needless to discuss this here. Let us discuss a few unconventional yet simple ways to lose weight effectively without making much effort.

Shared here are 9things that would help you lose weight faster than you can imagine and will help you stay lean all the year round.

Change Your Eating Schedule:

Tweak the eating routine that you have. Try to take early meals (breakfast no later than 7 am, lunch no later than 1 pm and dinner no later than 8 pm). Apart from this, make the intervals between meals smaller. Eat healthy snacks at every 2-3 hours. Taking snacks in every couple of hours is a smart way to cheat your body and make it realize that your body is already in a rich ambience and do not need to store extra energy and hence your body stops storing fat deposits.

Take a fiber-rich Breakfast:

Make it a point to take a fiber-rich breakfast only. You can consider taking a bowlful of oatmeal or porridge. This will help you remain filled for a long time and you tend to eat lighter. Not only this, it would keep your digestive track healthy and you would be able to attain your weight loss goals.

Take the Magic Drinks:

There are certain super spices that enhance your body metabolism and make you lose weight effectively. Cayenne pepper, cinnamon, ginger and garlic are some of those super spices and herbs which you should be incorporating into your daily diet. Mix some cinnamon powder in boiling water and bring it to cool, add a spoonful of honey and consume this magic drink before you go to bed every day. Apart from this, boil chopped mint and ginger to prepare a drink and incorporate this drink in your daily routine. These magic drinks will boost up your metabolic rate and help you reduce weight faster.

Green Tea is a Must Include:

Super-rich in antioxidants, green tea should be a must include in your daily diet. Incorporate this in your diet chart. 2-3 cups of green tea are enough for you to achieve your goals. Make it a point to drink a cup of it after every meal.

Detox Your Bodies:

Our intestine derives nutrients from the food we take. If our intestine is laden with toxins then nutrients would not be able to get absorbed in the intestine properly as the result of which the food will go waste and you tend to gain weight. Incorporate a lot of green raw veggies, tomatoes, carrots and apples in your diet.

Refrain From Eating Salads Only:

This is a common habit of those who strive hard to lose the weight. Though it is good to incorporate salad in your daily meals. But, stop fooling yourself by feeding on salad exclusively. Every meal of yours should have protein and do not make the blunder of eliminating carbohydrate from your diet. Take more of high-fiber rich food .

Water is the Key:

Needless to say, you all know that! The more you drink, the more your body would be benefited in several ways. It is the only beverage that help you lose weight. Also, drink the major chunk of it in the first half of the day. Start your day with a glassful of lukewarm lemon water and then drink cold water through out the day to melt the fat deposits quickly.

Make Small Changes in Your Daily Routine:

This can make a world of difference! For instance, instead of  taking elevators, make use of stairs. Loiter around while talking over your phone. Making these small changes in your daily routine and aim at burning calories. If you cannot take out 30 minutes to indulge in exercise daily, make your lifestyle more active.

Do not Eliminate Carbohydrate from Your Diet:

Several people on weight loss mission commit this blunder which result in their gaining weight instead of losing. You do not need to shun the carbohydrate completely from your diet because not all carbs are bad. You need to know that our brain functions on crabs. If you deprive your body of the carbs you will begin to its detrimental effect on your body. So, eliminating carbs for weight loss is not a good idea but you should try consuming only low-glycemic carbs like multi-grain bread, oats, porridge and oats. You need to avoid only high glycemic food like potatoes, white rice and bananas or consider taking them after rigorous exercise.

Above all! Always remember that you need to be motivated towards losing weight. If you think you can, you can and you will. Believe me, you do not need to toil hard for achieving the kind of results you want. Just try the above given useful weight loss tips and you would be pleasantly surprised to get the kind of results you craved for. Read more on weight loss water drinks

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