8 Worst Foods For Your Heart

8 Worst Foods  For Your Heart

You need to strictly avoid certain foods to maintain a healthy heart. These artery-clogging foods are responsible for causing a number of heart ailments and hence these should be eaten in extreme moderation.

So, to prevent cardiac arrest and high cholesterol levels that lead to heart attacks, avoid eating these foods:

Red Meat:

Being an animal protein, it has a high content of saturated fat. It is one of the worst foods  for your heart. However, one or two streaks of it does not harm you as such. But, you should never make it a part of your daily meals. If you are in the habit of eating red meat occasionally you should choose round roasts and sirloin tips. That apart, you should also trim the fat off your steak.

Also, you should either broil or cook red meat on an open flame as these are some of the healthy cooking methods that let the fat drip off the meat. Avoid frying the red meat as it allows fat to get absorbed into it.


Cheese covered and laced with pepperoni, pizzas cover almost the two-third of the maximum daily saturated fat that is normally recommended. Not only this, pizzas also have several other ingredients that have high sodium content. However, you can choose to make healthy pizzas at home by using whole wheat thin crust, fresh veggies, tomatoes and lean meat. Make use of low-fat cheese to make it heart healthy.

Processed Meat:

Hot dogs, sausages and bacon they all have a high sodium content and contain loads of preservatives. Not only this, they contain nitrites and nitrates that are often linked to causing a number of heart issues. Processed meat also contains a high amount of saturated fats and less amount of proteins and hence it should be avoided.

 Hydrogenated Oils (Cooking Oils in solid form)

Avoid cooking from the hydrogenated oils that are rich in trans fats. In other words, avoid eating trans fats that are used excessively in the processed foods that are packaged to enhance their shelf life. Trans fat increases your bad cholesterol levels and decreases the good HDL levels, putting your heart at the risk. Less than 1 percent of calorie intake is recommended from the trans fats.

Fried Foods:

Strictly avoid using frying oils again and again. If you do so, the fat content of that oil gets heavily saturated. Try using heart healthy canola or olive oil and choose heart healthy options like grilling and roasting.


Refined sugar is responsible for causing Type II diabetes that in turn increases a huge risk to your heart. High in refined sugar, soda increases your insulin levels and a high amount of it can increase the risk of you suffering from a heart attack by 20%. Ice tea or green tea both are friendly to your heart.

Ramen Noodles:

Easy to cook and super tasty Ramen noodles can wreak an absolute havoc on your health. This cheap and easily available meal has 1500 milligrams or even content of sodium/per serving. This increases the risk of heart diseases.

Eggs Benedict:

Do you know what this is? Egg combined with butter and English muffin. In addition to this, Canadian bacon contained in this has 700 calories along with 35 grams of fat, which is not at all healthy for your heart. Avoid eating this or try to cut down to its consumption to the barest minimum.

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