7 Useful Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy and Happy

7 Useful Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy and Happy

Some people broke out and others are strong enough to fix it. It is a matter of personal attribute.

If you are prone to stress and want to maintain an environment where you can stay mentally healthy, then here are 10 useful tips for staying mentally healthy.

Indulging in Physical Activities:

Researches have shown that physical activity develops new brain cells and this is the reason why sedentary lifestyle can prove to be disastrous to your mental health. Stay active and stay healthy mentally as well as physically.

Staying Active Socially:

Do not be single and try to mingle because it is vital to the development of new nerve cells. That apart, it gives you a sense of well-being. The more you communicate with others, the more you feel better. Indulgence of brain in communication sharpens it.

Pick Up a Hobby and Be Creative:

Find out if there is anything creative to be done. This will keep your brain alert and active. Pick up the habit of writing and apart from jotting down your thoughts just vent your emotions in the form of poetry or prose.

Early Morning Time is the Best for You:

Apart from indulging in exercises, make the best possible use of early morning hours. Take a couple of hours for solving riddles and puzzles. Doing simple calculations with a fresh mind in the morning will develop your brain cells.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet:

What you eat is important not only for staying active physically. It is important for your mental health also. Be on a fiber-rich diet full of anti-oxidants that can fight free radicals which damage your brain cells.

Be Self-reflective and Set Your Goals:

There is nothing like analyzing the real you. Be self reflective and know who and what you are. This will help you get rid of the vices you have and you will end up in becoming stronger and self determined.

Indulge in Yoga and Meditation:

Do not be a workaholic this will ruin your physical and mental health. Take a time out for yourself wherein you can do whatever you please do. Shop around with friends, watch your favorite movie, cook your favorite food, gardening or whatever you like to do. Make it a point to it at least once in a week, however busy you are. Most importantly, just prior to going to the bed be completely stress-free and meditate. Forget about the tensions, anxieties and stresses you had through the day and try to calm down your nerves. Yoga is an effective way to stay healthy both physically and mentally.


  • Tobacco, caffeine and alcohol
  • Over-usage of electronic gadgets
  • Frequent eating of Junk foods
  • Sedentary habits
  • Staying aloof

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