7 Unusual Uses of Cokes and Colas

7 Unusual Uses of Cokes and Colas

When the scorching heat of summer begins to nag you this time, think twice before gulping down your favorite coke.

Despite knowing its harmful effect on health, you find it hard to resist the temptation. Right? Given here are 7 unusual uses of cokes and colas that would help you to stay away from it. Let us have a quick look.

They are Good Rust Busters:

If your household has objects that need to be de-rusted, you should soak them in the black cold drink overnight and scrub them. Rust particles are broken and makes the cleaning process much easier. If your ultra expensive items having a chrome finish get rusted then you should pour some black cold drink and rub it with a rough cloth in a circulation motion. Make sure to trash the used coke.

To Remove Yellow Stains from Toilet Seats:

Forget about acid, detergents and harpic, if you want to remove yellow stains from the toilet seats you should be using black cold drink to get amazed by the results. The acidic content in the cold drink is so high that the yellow stains are removed easily and quickly. So, the next time you bought it, try doing this at home.

Great Window Cleaner:

As stated previously, that black cold drinks have a high content of acid, which makes them a great window cleaner. The car windows are more vulnerable and stains are more likely to be accumulated there. You just need to pour over the can of coke over the window and wipe them with a wet cotton cloth. This will remove any sticky residue of the sugars of the cold drink.

Used for Cooking:

Cokes and colas are used in the recipes. Chicken pieces cooked with coke taste amazingly great! The sugar found in the colas gives it a wonderful caramelized flavor and a deep glossy coating. The citric acid of the cold drinks gives them an amazing tang.

Remove Black Film from the Bottom of Pots:

Pots get blackened on the bottom and sometimes it becomes impossible to remove that. This black surface is caused due to over cooking or sometimes due to the cooking of highly acidic food items. To remove this blackness from the bottoms of the pot, you can pour a bottle of coke and put the same on the stove on a low heat. Wash it after a couple of hours and the pot would be cleaned.

Remove Grease Stains:

You have a hard time removing grease stains from the cloth and the stain removers are costly. To remove grease stains from the cloth, you should empty a bottle of black cold drink into the wash together with the detergent. Even the toughest stains of blood get removed by doing so and it also deodorizes the foul smelling clothes.

Helps Killing Bugs:

If you are bothered about the bugs in the garden, pour some coke into the dish and keep it in the garden for some time. Snails, slugs and other bugs will feed on it and will just disappear.This is a cheap solution to remove nasty bugs from your backyard.

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