7 Surprising Health Advantages of Frequent Sex

7 Surprising Health Advantages of Frequent Sex

Sex is good…. Hmm… do you think for the pleasure’s sake only? No. Sex is good in many ways than you can possibly think of. So, the next time you engage in this pleasure-seeking activity, you would be more satisfied because you are actually doing a favor to yourself and your partner.

Let us explore physiological and psychological advantages of frequent sex. Maintaining a healthy penis is the most important benefit of this activity.

Boosts Immunity Levels:

Studies have revealed that males who indulge in frequent sex have higher levels of antibodies, specially Immunoglobin A. This is your body’s first line of defense. It protects your body from the invading organisms and hence saves you from a wide range of contagious diseases and infections.

Maintain a Healthy Female Bladder:

Females who engage in sex frequently have a healthy bladder. Their pelvic muscles become stronger, which avoid incontinence (about 30% of women fall victim to it. ). Frequent sex is a good exercise for the pelvic floor.

Good For Your Heart’s Health:

Frequent sex is good for your cardiovascular health. It raises your heart rate and keeps your testosterone and estrogen levels in balance. Males who indulge in sex at least twice a week reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks. Their blood pressure tends to remain low.

Bring Relief from Stress:

Needless to say that this pleasure seeking activity brings relief from stress. It helps people feel tension-free and relaxed. This is so because a regular engagement in this activity releases the stress-relieving hormones. That apart, your overall cognitive ability is also improved.

Alleviates Pain:

Orgasms can lessen your pain. Several studies have revealed that vaginal stimulations have a unique ability to block pain. So, if you are suffering from leg pain, arthritis, menstrual cramps or any other such pain, it’s time for you to indulge in more sex. Regular sex checks headaches also.

Burns Calories:

If you are aiming at substantial weight loss, you need to indulge in a frequent sex, it is the best activity to keep you fit. Guys who engage themselves in this activity regularly are able to maintain a healthy body weight. About 21 session burn enough calories to reduce your weight by a pound.

Helps You Sleep Better:

During orgasms your body releases oxytocin, which let your body feel absolutely relaxed and makes you feel better. This calms down your nerves and you tend to fall asleep. If you have a hard time sleeping at night, it is better to try sex prior to going to sleep.

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