7 Super Hot Tips for Hotter Sex

7 Super Hot Tips for Hotter Sex

When your sex life becomes monotonous, your relations begin to suffer. Here is a guide to make sex a super satisfying experience whenever you indulge in it.

This will help those who are on a look out for the tips to spice up their sex lives.Let us have a quick look:

Fill the Ambience With Aroma:

Aroma sets the mood for romance. Make sure that both you and ambience smell awesome, before going to bed together. You can make use of essential oils in a light bulb or in an oil burner. Lavender, orange, cedarwood and musk smell great. Use them to set the ambience for making love.

Get Covered in Massage Oil:

Get covered with a pleasant smelling massage oil and get laid on the top of your partner. Give him/her massage all through the body using your various body parts. This oil embrace will stimulate your libido and set you on fire in the bed.

Kissing and Caressing Create Powerful Sexual Energy:

A sensual kiss can cure the libido loss effectively. Make sure you  start with the lips and tongue, before you kiss the entire body and especially erotic zones of your partner. Both a male and female like licking on all the sensuous areas and women love to be caressed all through the body. So, do not forget this magical foreplay before the lovemaking process.

Kiss the Ear Lobes and Back of the Neck:

Only a few people know that ear lobes and back of the neck are two erotic zones that can arouse your partner. So, this night touch, lick and kiss, then to see how it leads you to have a great experience you have never had.

Try The Lotus Position:

Yes, it is true that most of the couples like doggy style because it leads to deeper penetration. But, try something new every day. Let your lady take the lead and allow her to sit over you in a sitting position. With her legs crossed around your waist. Look into the eyes of each other, touch all over, feel and kiss before you start the strokes.

Do the Dirty Talking:

Whereas males enjoy them to the core, some females do not like it. However, making use of sensuous words during the actual act makes it more enjoyable.

Share Your Ecstasy:

When you reach orgasms, make this evident to your partner. Share your fervent response with your partner. Keep your eyes locked to each other and make him/her realize that you have enjoyed the moments to the core. Do not let your partner just go off once you are through if you really care. Embrace him/her after the act and notice the change that it will bring to your relations!

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