7 Oral Sex Tips for Man to Make Her Moan in Bed!

how to make her moan

Women enjoy oral sex much more than males actually do. But, hardly any male is aware of this fact. Moreover, they are a  poor performer on how to make her moan and always take a back seat. There is no need to worry!

Given here are certain oral sex tips for man on how to make her moan. Following these tips will make your woman wanting for more.

Slow and Steady is the Key:

All the guys out there should know that the fair sex takes relatively longer time to reach orgasm and therefore they need to slow down their pace of caressing and licking their genitals. If you want to make the encounter thoroughly enjoyable for her, you need to be gentle and very patient.

Begin With Licking Her Inner Thighs:

Women love this, but most of the women are not aware that this would excite them more. Their inner thighs are sensitive to a male touch and licking this area make them want you more. When you are indulging in this, do not set your hands free and use them to fondle her vagina.

Clitoral Licking is the Most Effective:

Before you think of making your tongue venture inside her, rub her clitoris, kiss it and lick that area to make her eager. It is a pea sized area and the maximum number of nerves end here. Take this area into your mouth and suck it, you are sure to hear her moaning about wanting it more!

Pop a Mint or Ice Cube Inside:

As a next step of how to make her moan, you can try popping a small ice cube or mint. The cooling sensation that it brings will help her reach orgasm quickly and effectively. Penetrate your tongue deep inside her vagina and continue moving it in circular motion.

Try Doing Different Types of Strokes:

A majority of women prefer repeated movements of the tongue so you should try doing that with a firm pressure. Quick flicks of your tongue against the clitoris may annoy her so it is better to ask her and make the tongue move as she demands. In general, females like circular, side to side and up-down movements with thrust.

Ask Her to Guide:

A good way of how to make her moan is to see yourself how she masturbates, which zone is touches often and what kind of pressure will be enjoyable for her. A better way is to ask her to place hands above yours and let her guide you. Then you need to explore the same areas using your lips and tongues.

Keep Your Pace Steady:

Stopping half way is like ruining all the enjoyment. Of course! You can make use of a sex toy to stimulate her further. So, you need to be patient.

You need to remember that being a woman she has a different body physiology and therefore it is not necessary that she must be wanting all that you want and look for. So, if you have planned to give her a good oral sex, just follow the above useful oral sex tips for men. One Important thing! Unlike you she likes to be kissed and licked throughout her body.

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