7 Golden Rules to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly

7 Golden Rules to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly

To reduce belly fat is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks. So, when you are following a weight loss program, expect to reduce belly fat the last.

However, it does not mean that you should give up your hopes. The key lies in kicking up your body metabolism. There are certain golden rules following which you can reduce belly fat effectively. Let us have a quick look.

Do not Eat Three Hours Before You Go to Bed:

This is so because you keep on burning calories till you are awake. Eating just before going to bed makes your belly swell because the calories are getting piled up. Not only this, make it a habit of taking early breakfast and lunch and during the gap periods keep on munching low calorie snacks. This will boost up your body metabolism and you would see a quicker result.

Consume 4 Meals a Day:

Break up your meals. Instead of consuming just 3 major meals and filling your belly up to the brim, try consuming 4-5 smaller, lighter and healthier meals. Always try to fill your platter half with green leafy veggies and another with food rich in protein.

Breakfast at 7 am: A glassful of tone milk/freshly squeezed fruit juice, along with two loaves of whole wheat bread and spinach omelet

Lunch at 12 pm: A bowlful of sprouted grams along with a bowlful of brown rice and a bowlful of whole pulse.

Supper at 4 pm: A cup of green tea along with a bowlful of pop corns/ whole wheat biscuits or a bowlful of porridge.

Dinner at 8 pm: At dinner, take a bowlful of cooked green veggies along with whole-wheat bread and a plateful of salad that should contain lettuce leaves, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber

Take More of Citrus Fruits:

Your belly is sure to shrink, if you start taking citrus fruits. Take them as a whole and do not squeeze juice out of them as it would provide you the right roughage necessary to keep your digestive track healthy.

Intake of Spices does the Wonders:

Most of the people do not know it, but there are certain spices (Red chili, turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper) that work wonders to boost up your body metabolism. If you are on looking for quick and effective results, you must incorporate them in your daily diet.

Lemon Water in the Morning and As Many Times You Can Take:

Begin your day with the mission of weight loss in mind. Your belly is sure to shrink when you quick start your day with lukewarm lemon water and take 2-3 cloves of garlic along with it. In fact, lemon water should be taken as many times as you can.

Detox Your Bodies:

This is perhaps the most important rule. Your body toils hard to burn calories when it is piled up with the junkies you have in the guise of fast foods or carbonated drinks. Detox your bodies weekly to get quicker results.

Reduce the Salt Intake and Sugary Drinks:

If possible, eliminate salt completely from your diet till you achieve the target. Sugar is equally harmful and should be strictly avoided as well. Sodium contained in the common table salt you take determine how much water is retained in our blood stream. Excess sugar begins to accumulate in the liver. Read more on weight loss water drinks

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