6 Great Tips To Make Her Say Yes in Bed!

6 Great Tips To Make Her Say Yes on Bed

When your lady love begins to say no in bed, your concern is obvious. Need not worry; this no can be a constant and repeated yes, if you know how to increase sex drive.

There can be several reasons behind the lack of sex drive. If you want to spice up your sex life and boost your libido, here are a few useful tips that you should try. Here is a quick look.

Tip 1:

Arousal is All about Senses

Arousal is All about Senses:

All the sense organs sight, smell, hearing and feel are capable of arousal. Her no comes because all through the day you indulge in unsexy communication that is grossly uninteresting. She would be aroused when you talk sexy or probably watch hot videos with her. Even if you smell good or feel cleaner on bed, she would be aroused. If you can fill the ambiance of the room with a pleasant smell or tune into soft romantic music, you can turn her on.

Tip 2:


Flirty Texts Help:

Again it is the reason behind it is the arousal of senses. But, it is true. Flirty text messages would make your girl think about you. She would sure to imagine you with all that you have conveyed her through text. So, yes these messages put your ladylove on.

Tip 3:

Touch her On Certain Parts

Touch her On Certain Parts:

If you can just hug or caresses her, you can turn her on. As per a study hugging for extended 20 seconds increases the production of Oxytocin. This is a hormone of bonding. Touching triggers the feeling of deep bonding. It is believed that longer, deeper and intimate the kiss would be, the better would be the entire love-making process. Touch her or kiss her on certain parts like behind the ear lobes, on back of the neck or the sides of the stomach. These areas have more nerve endings and get sexually stimulated quicker.

Tip 4:

Seeing Your Picture Triggers the Senses:

Believe it or not, MRI scans have revealed that when people look at a picture for more than 30 seconds, it triggers certain activity in a particular area of your brain that produces a libido helper called dopamine. This produces a feel of wanting.

Tip 5:


Food Rich in Estrogen Helps:

Lack of sex drive is possible because of stress, poor diet or menopause. There are certain type of foods that are good for sex, bring down the stress level and increase the production of estrogen. Soy is an excellent example. The other similar types of foods are apples, cucumbers, papayas, celery and dates are of great help. Taking Gingko Biloba also helps as it increases blood flow to genitals.

Tip 6:

Women That Do Yoga or Exercises Have Greater Desire:

Studies have revealed that the women who remain active, indulge in yoga or perform the workouts are more interested. All these activities result in our body producing an increased level of dopamine, a hormone that increases the sexual urge.

If stress, work-pressure or imbalances in hormones are the reason behind her saying no, you would need to pep-up your sex-life. If how to increase sex-drive remains in your mind then try stimulating your senses, exercises and take care of your diet.

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