6 Food Combos That You Should Strictly Avoid

6 Food Combos That You Should Strictly Avoid

Do you know that there are certain food combos which should be strictly avoided because they cause an absolute havoc on your health?

Different foods need different digestive environments and therefore they should be taken separately. Let us have a quick glance at a few such drastic food combos that you should avoid eating.


Implications of Wrong Food Combo On Health:

There are certain immediate implications of food combos on your digestive system. Uneasiness, gas, bloating, fatigue, stomach aches and a number of other health issues. There is a long list of serious health implications that you can have there are certain short term issues which you may also come across like skin rashes, bad breath, low energy, inflammation etc.

Given here are certain food combos which you should strictly avoid to avoid ruining your health.

Fruits After Meals:

Blessed are those who incorporate fruits in their daily diet. Fresh fruits are super healthy, but they should never be taken after meals because they contain simple sugars which do not require digestion. They do not need a long time to get digested. On the other hand, other foods like protein, starch remain in your stomach for a long time. So, eating fruits after meals is risky because there is a likelihood of simple sugar staying too long in the stomach and getting fermented.

Rice and Chicken:

So, this is your favorite food? Though rice and chicken is a favorite food combo of many, but the combo should be strictly avoided. When starch of rice combines with the protein of chicken it leads to a stalemate. It is good to have vegetables and cereals instead of chicken with rice and also you should make sure that the salad you take should along should also be non-starchy.

Meat or Cheese Omelet:

Both egg and meat/cheese are extremely rich in proteins and hence these combos is not recommended. You should try having a veggie omelet to have wholesome nutrition instead of cheese or meat omelet. Spinach omelet or tomato omelet is a good option.

Beans and Cheese:

Dairy proteins and beans is a common combo and a favorite of many. This is a deadly combination that lead to bloating and gas. If you have a weak digestive system, this combo should be strictly avoided. This combo detoxifies your body and you should strictly avoid cheese both with the beans and cheese.

Yogurt and Fruits:

As per Ayurveda, you should not advise anyone to mix sour fruits with any dairy item as it can be disastrous to your digestive tract. It can change the intestinal flora and produce toxins. It can cause congestion, allergies and cough etc. If you like to flavor your yogurt you should be doing so with honey, raisins in place of sour berries.

Oatmeal with Milk and Orange Juice:

Acids present in the orange juice destroy the enzymes which help in digesting starches in the cereal. Not only this, acidic fruits can curdle milk and turn into mucus-forming substance. So, to keep your digestive track healthy you should take the orange juice or any citrus fruit at least half an hour before the oatmeal.

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