6 Best Breast Tightening Home Remedies for Sumptuous Breasts

6 Best Breast Tightening Home Remedies for Sumptuous Breasts

Do you love to flaunt your feminism with pride, but sagging breasts are proving to be an impediment? Do you suffer from low self-esteem because of the droopy breasts, which make you look unattractive. Worry not!

Enumerated here are the breast tightening home remedies that work wonders and give you quick results.

Massaging With Essential Oil:

Take warm olive oil for massaging your breasts in upward and inward strokes. Do this for 15-20 minutes and then cover the area with a wet towel. Take a shower after an hour. Do this daily for a couple of weeks to see visible results. The oil massage will improve the elasticity of the skin and tones the area.

Massage With Ice-cubes:

Take warm olive oil for massaging your breasts in upward and inward strokes. Rub the ice cubes in circular motion around your breasts for a minute or two because longer application of ice cubes may break your skin. Ice-cubes are good toner and helps in firming the skin.

Cucumber and Egg-white:

Prepare a mixture of cucumber extract and egg white. This will prove to be a great breast mask. Apply this home made mask all over your breasts and leave for 20 minutes. Once dried wash it off. This will help in keeping your breast sturdy.

Apply Fenugreek:

Take dry powder of fenugreek and make a thick paste using rose water. Apply the paste over breasts and leave it for drying before you wash off. Fenugreek is known for its skin-tightening properties and it can prove to be one of the best breast tightening home remedies.

Vitamin E Capsules+Yogurt and Egg:

Mix a teaspoonful of Vitamin E (these can be extracted from Vitamin E capsules) with yoghurt and egg. Apply it all over your chest with upward and inward strokes. Rinse with warm water after 20 minutes. Vitamin E helps the retain the elasticity of the skin. 

Swimming, Push ups and Arms Exercises:

Swimming is a great exercise for tightening your breasts. There are other exercises as well that can keep your breasts firm. Jogging, moving arms inwards and out in circular motion and push ups are some of the great exercises that make your breasts sturdy and sensuous.

So, apart from following the above given home remedies for breast tightening, indulge in the exercises to get a pair of sumptuous breasts that makes you carry yourself with confidence.

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