5 Worst Foods That You Should Never Have

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Eating a healthy supply of dietary fats is very important to make your body function well. But, you should be meticulous enough to eat all the right types of fat because if you take wrong foods, your health will be ruined.

Eating dangerous trans fat that is heavily processed can damage your cellular function as the result of which your body had to work harder and you suffer from many health issues. Here are the top 5 worst foods which you should never have.

Top 5 Fatty Foods You Need to Avoid

Food Containing trans fatty acids tops the list of the worst foods for your health. They are also known as hydrogenated oils. They are created from the oils which go through the process of hydrogenation. When the oils are heated to high temperatures, they are altered chemically which make them cancer causing. Not only this, they are bleached and deodorized which make them very unhealthy for your body.

These fatty acids are linked to plenty of diseases like obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. These can damage your body, even if consumed in a small quantity. So,make sure not to purchase the oils labeled hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated from the market.

Whole Milk:

Whole milk should be avoided because it is pasteurized and homogenized. During the processing, natural vitamins and minerals are stripped from the milk. Also, the milk has an immensely high fat content that can damage your body.So, instead of buying packaged milk that is pasteurized and homogenized, you should take raw milk that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Processed Mutton/Chicken:

Both of these have high fat and sodium content which makes you fat. These contain a large number of chemical additives that include sodium nitrate and coloring agents. Consuming processed meat can lead to chronic diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, obesity and cancer etc.

Deep Fried:

All those deep fried stuffs available in the fast food restaurants are one among the worst foods that you can ever have. When the food stuffs get fried they become rich in saturated fats that wreak havoc on your heart. These foodstuffs are also loaded with cholesterol and sodium that can damage your body.

Dessert and Sweets:

Pastries, donuts, pasta and ice creams are high in saturated fats. They have minimal nutritional value. Almost all desserts are processed and made with hydrogenated oils which contain trans fats.

Apart from the above mentioned five foods,carbonated drinks, soda and noodles are some other foods that can wreak an absolute havoc on your health.

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