5 Worst Foods for Breakfast and Their Healthier Alternatives

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Apparently, breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. The first meal to fuel your body should be the lightest and healthiest.

Owing to this reason, you should avoid eating on the run and avoid making wrong food choices. However, busy you may be, you should strictly avoid eating these foods in the breakfast.

Sugary Cereals (honey puffs, fruit loops, marshmellows)

You should strictly avoid them. Sugary cereals add inches to your waistline. Do not gulp honey puff, fruit loops etc in the morning. Also, do not just mix them in the lukewarm milk and give them to your kids. Sugar burns quickly and making you reach out for snacks prior to breakfast.It also adds inches to your waistline. In place of sugary cereals you should reach out to whole grain cereals rich in dietary fiber.

Alternative to this:

Instead of munching Kellogg’s apple jack, fruit loops, honey loops etc. Try eating and giving your child porridge whole-wheat breakfast full of fiber. Porridge, oats and whole wheat bread are the best alternatives. This will keep you full for a long time and kick-start your day with a healthy diet.

Cookies and White Bread:

These are empty calories with the least amount of nutrition. You should avoid having these for the breakfast. Carbs has the same effect as the refined sugar has. Say no to white breads, cookies and pastries in the morning. In place of it try having brown bread stuffed with green veggies and tomatoes.

Alternative to this:

If you love eating sweet in the morning do not reach out to the refined sugars and carbs. Instead, try to mix sliced fresh fruits in yogurt. Indeed, fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juices of fruits are the best food that you can have with breakfast.


As a matter of fact, drinking coffee itself is not as unhealthy as the things you add in it. Stay away from the flavored syrups, heaps of sugar and heavy creams. If you cannot resist the temptation, make it simple. It would be great if you can switch to green tea to satisfy your cravings.

Alternative to this:

Try having soy milk, fat-free milk, sugar-free syrups or green tea.

Potato-Stuffed Sandwiches:

If you have been eating this for the breakfast, just stop doing that.Both white bread and potato stuffing in it are pretty dangerous to your health. Avoid giving these to your children too.This is one of the unhealthiest foods for the breakfast.

Alternative to this:

Stuff the whole wheat bread with green leafy veggies,tomatoes, cabbage etc instead of potatoes. You can consider making spinach omelet and can have it with two slices of bread.

French Fries or Other Deep Fried Food:

Say no to anything fried right in the morning. This will wreak an absolute havoc on your health. A diet rich in mono saturated fats in the morning will make you lethargic all through the day and you would feel drowsy.

Alternative to this:

Make your breakfast protein rich and do away with mono saturated fats. Protein keeps you full for a long time and help building your muscles. So, instead of fried fruits, take a bowlful of sprouted gram and toss them with lemon, black pepper, coriander and tomatoes.





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