5 Useful Ways to Overcome the Health Hazards of Prolonged Sitting

Health Hazards of Prolonged Sitting

Sitting is inevitable at the workplaces. You know it is dangerous for your health. But, are you aware of the fact that sitting is the new smoking. Yes! It is as dangerous to your health as smoking. Even the loitering around at intervals cannot compensate for sitting a couple of hours together.

Let us have a quick look at the 10 ways sitting is killing you every day and how you can get rid of this problem.


It has been proved by several researches that a number of health issues apart from excess fat around your waist and metabolic syndrome are related to the prolonged sitting. High blood sugar, blood pressure and increased risks of cardiovascular diseases are some diseases that grab you when you sit for a couple of hours. 

A recent analysis suggests there are 34 chronic diseases associated with excess sitting. Here is the quick look why sitting is the new smoking and prolonged sitting is even more dangerous.



  • Affects the blood circulation of the whole body adversely, especially the pelvic area and the lower limb.
  • Weight of sitting affects the pelvic area and the surrounding organs also get affected.
  • Stress on the back joints and ligaments affects the posture of the body negatively.
  • Increased digestive issues because of the pressure exerted on the stomach and abdominal area where the intestine is situated.
  • Ciliary muscles of the eyes get affected which results in eye strain and headaches.
  • High cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and increased risks of heart diseases due to reduced circulation of oxygen rich blood to the heart.



Keep Changing Your Positions:

You need to switch to the positions. Try to sit in a stretched position and in every 20-25 minutes you need to change your position. The point here is to make your body move from a stagnant position and the one that exerts the pressure. Do this at regular intervals.

Set A Timer:

Stand up and walk around the office premises often. Set a timer that reminds you in every half an hour or so to walk around. Walk to the printer, fetch yourself water or coffee and instead of dropping mails to some close by just walk down and inform. Do the squats and stretches. Roll your ankles and wrists and try some yoga poses that can benefit you.

Taking Deep Breaths:

Throughout the day, you need to do this. Breathe into your diaphragm, try to expand your chest as much as you can and the rib cage. This will ensure an adequate amount of oxygen intake. Keep your back straight and do not slouch in your chair.

Taking Walks during Breaks:

Take a walk during coffee breaks or at lunch time. Just calculate it like this way. Walking 20 minutes every day while you are at work will make you work for 20 days a week and about 400 minutes a month. This means you are walking 6.6 hours a month and doing a favor to your body.

Indulge in Thoughtful Eating:

Incorporate the habit of healthy eating. Take at least 2 liters of water while you are at work. Do not indulge in eating when you are stressed or bored. Avoid drinking too much of tea or coffee as it dehydrates your body. Make snacks at home (like pop corns) and bring them at your workplace to eat. Half of your Tiffin should have proteins (sprouts, eggs etc.)

Maintain a Proper Posture:

A correct posture can save you from a lot of problems pertaining to prolonged sitting. You will save yourself from backaches and obesity. Avoid slouching and cradling over the phone.

This is true that sitting is the new smoking but with a careful planning you can get rid of this common problem and stay healthy forever.

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