5 Super Foods for Natural Weight Gain

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Bulking up seems to be a difficult task for you? You want to gain weight and cannot because of which you are blaming your genetics?

If skinny and lanky physique frustrate you and you want to bid adieu to this type of physique, then try these foods to gain weight naturally. Consuming them regularly and indulging in lifting exercises will give you sure shot results. Let us have a quick look.

Forget Mon-saturated Fats:

If you think that all the fattening foods would be right for you, you are grossly mistaken. Fattening foods are empty calories and harm your overall health. They lack nutrients that you need to take to remain healthy. So, forget French fries, burgers, pasta, ice creams, sodas and noodles…They won’t help you and you will be disappointed.

What Should You Do?

Lay your hands on protein rich food that can tone up your bodies and help you gain weight naturally. There are plenty of protein-packed food combos that can build your muscles and let you achieve your weight gain goals.


There are people who used to believe that switching to bread diet is a great way to lose weight. But, contrary to this, bread helps you put on weight.So, switch to bread diet and it is not necessary to go in for plain and old sliced bread. You can try any type rolls, whole grain or baguettes.


Being one of the richest sources of proteins, beans are a great food for natural weight gain. They contain all 22 essential and non-essential amino acids. Beans contain all the 22 essential and non essential amino acids. Apart from beans you can try having broccoli also.


Nuts are also loaded with proteins and have a fattening effect on your body. When it comes to nuts, you have plenty of choices. Even peanuts are blessed with the same goodness, but make sure to have only unsalted nuts.

Dairy Foods:

They are excellent sources of proteins. Incorporate a glass of skimmed milk in your diet, cheese serving or yogurt serving in your daily diet.


If you are looking for an incredible source of protein then eggs should be an indispensable part of your diet. You can eat them in any form boiled or scrambled. Make it a part of your diet to gain weight naturally.



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