5 Signs That Indicate You Are A Diabetic!

5 Signs That Indicate You Are A Diabetic!

Owing to sedentary lifestyles and erratic dietary patterns, diabetes has become a common health ailment. If timely care is not given, diabetes can become a serious health issue.

Henceforth,the first mild symptoms of diabetes must not be ignored. But, people tend to ignore them because they cannot be distinguished from the symptoms of other diseases. Given here are 5 symptoms of diabetes.

How an Early Diagnosis Helps?

Beginning symptoms of diabetes are so mild that you would not be able to recognize them. If you are diagnosed at an early stage you can get rid of rid easily just by following a healthy diet and indulging in regular exercising.  

Excessive Thirst and Urge to Urinate.

The commonest symptom of diabetes id unquenchable thirst. Diabetic find it difficult to resist the quench for thirst and get hold of any liquid available before them. They feel like they have not drunk water for several days. Diabetics tend to drink more water as the result of which they feel the urge to urinate. Also, since the glucose level in the blood goes up, diabetics feel to urinate more often.

Lose of Weight:

If you have Type 1 diabetes, the symptoms would be more apparent. You will begin to lose weight without even trying for it. The people with Type 1 diabetes lose tremendous weight.

Tiredness and exhaustion:

This becomes obvious. Diabetic people feel exhausted and tired because of their body cells do not convert sugar to energy. As the result of their body gets starved and they begin to feel exhausted.

Change of Vision:

Though this is not a very common sign, but if you feel that there is an abrupt change of vision, then it is important for you get yourself checked. This can also be an indicator that should set the alarm bells ringing.

Healing Takes a Longer Time:

It happens if you are a diabetic. This is a warning symptom. If your cuts and wounds are taking more healing time than they usually take, it is time for you to get yourself checked.

Natural Remedies for Curing it:

No need to inject insulin or take pills, if you are at a beginning stage, the following natural remedies will do wonders:

  • Soak some mustard seeds overnight and eat them in the morning along with the water in which they are soaked in.
  • Take 2-4 cloves of garlic with lukewarm water daily.
  • Incorporate bitter gourd and blackberries in your daily diet.

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