5 Sex Secrets About Men That You Do Not Know

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Yes! It is a fact that men are not good at communicating their sexual desires. It so happens that men take the onus of gratifying their partners and become reluctant in expressing their own desires.

In addition to this fact, there is a sea of difference between the sexual needs of men and women. Enumerated here are six things that help you know your men better. Read on if you really care for him.

Men Are Much More Visual Than You:

Did you ever give it a thought why men turn their eyes on pretty women? Why are they interested in watching porn movies? This is so, because they are much more visual than you. Henceforth, if you are aiming to arouse them, then you should begin with something appealing to their eyes. If you plan to make love,dress yourself in the most sensuous way. You can also consider watching erotica together.

Men Like Talking Dirty to Them:

Here is a another point of difference between you and your man. While talking dirty to you puts you off sometimes. But, men get aroused with dirty talks. So, talk dirty to them in person that can turn them on and you would end up in gratifying him.

They Do Not Like to Be Touched All Over:

They know that ladies are turned on by touching all over their bodies. They do so to ignite the fire of passion in them. But, do not forget that they differ from you sexually. So, once your man is already turned on, do not touch him all over it will irritate him rather than pleasing him. His all pleasure comes in touching his genitals and during the love making process his all pleasure emanates from “down south.” So, you should be concentrating more there.

They Are Not Good at Going Slow:

More than 80% of the first-timers pre-ejaculate or cannot enjoy the entire process and ejaculate as soon as penetrate. So,you need to remind them to go slow.Better still, you should make him indulge in a lot of foreplay beforehand.

They Cannot Read Your Mind:

They are extremely poor at it.Although they wish they can. So, it is your duty to guide them all through the lovemaking process. Tell him what you like and what you do not. He will be delighted by this. Also, do not forget to praise him for his genital. All men without exception love the most personal possession that they have.


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