5 Reasons Why You Cannot Have Sound Sleep at Night

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Have Sound Sleep at Night

Hectic work schedule takes a toll on your health, especially if you lack sleep. If you are one among the several others who cannot have a sound sleep after a long day of hard work, explore the reasons.

Owe it to your wrong lifestyle habits or other factors, there are a few palpable reasons that do not let you sleep properly. Let us check out the reasons behind your disturbed sleep at night.

Your Mind is preoccupied:

Trash all your worries before you go to bed. All grudges, emotions and anxieties, should be kept completely off. If your mind is pre-occupied by anything you would not be able to sleep. Indulge in the habit of meditation just prior to sleep. Forget about everything that has happened to you through the day and make yourself comfortable.

You Are Taking Stimulants:

If you take caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, etc. just before going to bed you will have sleep issues. So, say not to nicotine or other such stimulants before sleeping. Just take a lukewarm glass of milk and you are sure to have a good night’s sleep.

You are Socializing at Night:

Either via your mobile or your computer, you are chatting and socializing with your friends during the late hours of the night. This will prove to be a health hazard as unknowingly you are stressing yourself. Once the clock strikes 12, you would find it difficult to fall asleep. Switch off your computers and mobiles, get relaxed and then go to sleep.

You Wake up Late in the Morning:

Blame it to your habit of waking late in the morning or taking a nap in the noon. You are not able to sleep properly because of these reasons. Wake up in the early hours of the day. Indulge in the habit of strolling, jogging and practice yoga. Once your body’s circadian rhythm is set right, you would be able to sleep properly and in the early hours of the night.

You are Ailing:

If you are ailing with body, shoulder or any type of pain, you would not be able to sleep properly. So, it is important to get relieved of the pain first to make yourself comfortable. Massage your body parts and indulge in shoulder, neck exercises before you sleep.


  • Take a glassful of lukewarm milk or chamomile tea (It soothes the body and relax your mind).
  • Tune into a soothing music to calm your nerves
  • Wear a super comfortable dress and your bedroom temperature should be conducive.
  • Wash your feet thoroughly before you go to bed. Though, taking a hot shower is preferable.

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