5 Reasons Why You Are Feeling Tired Always

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Do you ever wonder why you feel tired all through the day? Why this happens? People tell you that it may be either due to lack of sleep or burden of too much work?

It is true that people at some stage of their life come across this problem. However, if it is affecting your day to day life you need to know the reasons behind it.

There are studies to prove that different medical conditions are responsible for the extreme tiredness and it may be due to your lifestyle too. Explore the reasons why you feel tired all through the day.

You are Anemic:

This is a medical condition that affects your energy level. This iron deficiency syndrome affects your overall energy levels. Iron is an important constituent of your blood and in the lack of iron RBCs cannot transport oxygen throughout the hemoglobin as the result of which you feel tired all through the day.

How to Treat it?

All you need to do is to take a diet rich in Iron. Eating spinach, brinjals, pomegranate, apples and pears on a daily basis can elevate hemoglobin and treat this medical condition.

You are Depressed/stress out:

Your mental condition has a direct bearing on the physical exertion. Tired mentally means tired physically. If you are troubled inside you would find it difficult to focus on tasks and you will feel tired always. Not only this, you would not be able to have a sound sleep and become less productive.

How to Treat it?

To beat the stress you need to exercise, meditate and indulge in yoga. Take fiber rich food and incorporate more fresh veggies/fruits in your diet. Take out time for morning/evening strolls.

You Have Elevated Sugar Level:

Both excess and deficiency of sugar is not good. If you have less sugar in blood you would feel tired as your body takes all its energy from the glucose and starchy substances. On the contrary, if you are diabetic and have an elevated sugar level, you will feel tired as your body metabolism goes down as the sugar molecules block the process.

How to treat it?

If there is only a slight increase in the blood sugar level, soak some mustard seeds in water and consume them in the morning.Consuming mulberries and bitter gourd also helps.

You Have Thyroid Problems:

Your thyroid gland secretes the hormones that maintain the metabolism of your body. If your thyroid gland is not working efficiently, your body would not be able to break down food and you will gain weight.

How to Treat it?

You need to get yourself checked and consult a doctor. Lack of iodine in the diet can cause thyroid issues so incorporate iodine rich food in the diet.

You Have Leukemia:

This is a very serious medical condition and tiredness is just a symptom that indicates you have leukemia. When someone has leukemia, the WBCs exceeds the RBCs and when there is a lack of RBCs in blood, oxygen and nutrients do not get get transported through the blood efficiently.This results in fatigue, headaches and weakness.

How to Treat it?

Since this a serious medical issue,you need to consult the doctor immediately.

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