5 Quick ForePlay Tricks to Have Better Orgasms

5 Quick ForePlay Tricks to Have Better Orgasms

Do you know that most of the time your lady love fake orgasms just to put you at ease? Yes,this is a fact! A majority of women cannot attain orgasms most of the times during the lovemaking process.

If you are concerned about her, try these foreplay tips to make her wild with passion and help her achieve better orgasms.

The Neck Should be Your First Target:

The neck is one of the erogenous zones that can make her moan with ecstasy. So, when you have set your mood right, try kissing,  licking and nibbling it. This is sure to arouse her and setting her mood right for the event.

Massage Helps:

Make her comfortable before jumping into bed with her. Give her a head and body massage. She is going to enjoy the intercourse once she feels relieved. A thorough massage of head, back, shoulders and feet will be of great help. Do not forget to massage and kiss the feet. Reflexology targets the feet because they have a great connection with the rest of the body.

Bring the Desire and then Move Away:

Try to lick the erogenous zones like neck and back of the ears, kiss her and then move away from the area you were supposed to target. This will ignite the fire of passion in her. Once the expectation will heighten, she would be able to enjoy the full sex.

Make Use of Your Tongue:

Women love to be licked. So, if you can do this favor for her, she will be aroused. Give her a good oral sex before penetrating. She will get the sexual ecstasy she always craves for. In addition to massaging and squeezing her boobs gently, try licking them all over. This will set her mood right.

Rubbing the Clitoris:

Needless to say, this is a sure shot way to arouse her and to make her moan with ultimate delight. This is so because the clitoris is the most sensitive area where more nerve endings than vagina are found. Just rubbing this area gently will do the needful and if you lick it thoroughly there can be nothing greater than that. In all chances, female will receive clitoral orgasms, but then females can attain multiple orgasms. Henceforth, let the licking and rubbing of clitoris be the prelude of the intercourse.

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