5 Prevalent Myths About Depression Debunked

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Relationships and marriage-breakdowns, addictions, job loss, suicides and what not, aftermath of depression can cost you dearly.

Statistics have revealed that the graph of those suffering from depression is inclining constantly. What is the way out to get relieved? Despite the availability of different treatment methods, there are so many people who do not seek medical help as they fear they would be wrongly judged. Getting informed adequately is the first step to combat with depression. So, to wipe out the prevalent myths about depression is important.

Myth 1: Depression is a not a real disease and just a sign of extreme grief.

Fact: Although, there are no physical symptoms to manifest the illness but this an ailment. The person who is depressed is as ill as the person suffering from any other disease and needs to be treated immediately.

Myth 2: Think positively can cure depression.

Fact: This is one of the greatest myths about depression. Just like nobody likes to fall in depression, it is not possible to cure depression all by yourself by controlling your thought process. Depression is caused by the neuro-chemical imbalances in the brain. To snap out of it is not possible till you seek the help of a psychiatrist. In the matter of just 4-6 weeks you feel better.

Myth 3: Antidepressants make your personality change.

Fact: Antidepressants are developed to alter the production of neuro-chemicals in the brain. They cannot change the personality of anyone. Some people who do not get adjusted to them may experience a wide range of side effects. However, their personality does not change.

Myth 4: People with mental illness are violent, throw tantrums and can prove to be extremely dangerous.

Fact: Anyone can become violent anytime in the fit of anger. Victims of depression do not turn violent. On the contrary, they are more likely to fall victim of the violence.

Myth 5: Talking more to the depressed person can make his condition worse.

Fact: Victims of depression are just reluctant to start a conversation. They do not want to start a conversation just because they feel guilty, ashamed and embarrassed. They want to seek the company of someone whom they can rely on. If you want to help such people, you should encourage them to speak out. Make them speak out the things that troubling them. Give a patient here and try to reinforce them. Make them believe that they are better than so many other people around them. Inculcating positive thoughts in them by talking more with them can make their condition better.

Also, depression is not confined to age. Your kids are equally susceptible. So, you should be meticulous enough and encourage them to discuss their issues with you.

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