5 Mistakes That You Normally Make While Coloring Your Hair

© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporationDying hair is much in vogue these days.Gone are the days when dyes are used to conceal white streaks of hair. Hair-dying is more popular among youngsters who want to look funky and cool. But, every time they color they hair, they end up in creating an unnatural appearance and ruining their hair. Let us have a quick look at some of the mistakes that you normally make while dying your hair.

Using Colors That Are Too Dark:

There is one common mistake that do-it-yourselfers make and that is dying their hair with dark colors. It makes them look unnatural and over-processed. Dark shades are also difficult to be removed and their remnants can damage your hair (especially black hair dye). So, you should not select a hair color that is too dark for your complexion. The right selection of color is important.

Applying Hair Dye to Recently Conditioned Hair:

Do not commit the blunder of applying hair dye to your hair just after you condition your hair. Indeed, you should not try to dye your hair within the first day of conditioning your hair. This is so because the oils from the conditioner may interfere with dye and ruin your hair.

Incomplete Coverage and Not Using Right Hair Care Products:

It is another blunder that you commonly make. If you have short hair then it really does not matter but those who have long and thick hair often misses the spots where the dye needs to be applied. Apart from this, if you do not use right hair products between the dye jobs, then your hair will be over-processed, unhealthy, rough and dry.

Dying the Areas Which are Not Well-Ventilated:
Applying dye to the areas which are not well-ventilated may cost you dear. The areas which are not ventilated should not be over exposed to the chemical fumes or else they will be severely damaged.

Dying Dirty Hair:

It is true that you should not apply dye after your condition your hair, but that does not mean that you should start dying dirty hair. Again, if you do so grease and oils of your hair react with the dye and cause itching. Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly before dying them.

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