5 Interesting Facts About Penis Enlargement!

5 Interesting Facts About Penis Enlargement!

There are certain males who are just desperate to grow their penis larger without knowing the penis enlargement facts. As the result of which, they make futile attempts and end up in harming their manhood.

So, before you jump to the decision of buying tons of pills and the latest pumps or lotions for your most vital organ…here is a must read for you.

What’s the Average Size?

Normally, the size of a penis is 4 inches when it is in the flaccid state. When erect it grows to 5 inches or a little more which is just sufficient for satisfying a woman. This is a fact backed by studies. So, males please do not try to be overenthusiastic!

Never Ever Go Under The Knife:

The surgery of enhancing penis size is known as Phalloplasty. It is utterly painfully and very expensive. Besides, you would be astounded that the surgery is done twice, once for enhancing the length and second for enhancing its diameter.

Pills Can Prove to be Dangerous:

If you have been taking pills for enlarging your penis, stop doing this. The pills can have a lot of side effects and are not sure to give you guaranteed results. These pills are not approved by FDA.

Tropical Formulas Are Better Than Oral Vitamins:

This is so because all the oral preparations are packed either with Vitamin C or mega doses of Vitamin E. These ingredients are used by other systems of your body much before they reach to your penile tissues. Contrary to this, topical formulas are applied on the targeted areas. They get absorbed better and quickly.

Penis Can Be Enlarged up to 5 Inches:

There are natural tips to enlarge your penis. There are Ayurvedic herbs that can do wonders and there are certain safe exercises also. There are certain like Ginkgo, Golden seal, Kava, Black Cohosh, Ginseng, Blessed thistle etc. that can increase both the length and girth of the penis by increasing the production of testosterone.

Jelqing is Effective:

Most of you might not be aware of this term. It is a kind of penile massage that involves holding your penile base with curled fingers like a ring and pull it upward. Apply the penile enhancing lotion while doing so and repeat it several times with pressure. Do this for 15-20 minutes on a daily basis to get the desired results. Massages help the spongy tissues of your penis to expand and thus creating more space for enhanced blood flow.

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