5 Healthy Living Habits to Kick Start Your Day and be Successful

5 Healthy Living Habits to Kick Start Your Day and be Successful

What is the first thought that creeps into your mind as soon as wake up? Is it Oh God just another hectic day is going to start or I would make the most of this day? Well! Undoubtedly healthy living habits play a vital role in promoting your over well-being. So, making a slight change in the present lifestyle can make a sea of difference!

Given here are the 5 great ways to kick start your day and make the most of it.


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To keep yourself disciplined and to make it a point that you rise up early, you can choose morning hours to go to the gym or try sticking to a morning routine wherein rising up early becomes essential. Setting the alarm before going to the bed and then hitting the snooze button will result in the wastage of 10-30 minutes. In this additional half an hour of snooze, you would not get another REM sleep cycle and hence it is a complete waste. Popping out of the bed in the early morning is the first healthy morning ritual that you should follow. This is one of the greatest healthy living habits that people rarely follow.

Drink A Glassful of Lemon Water Along With 2-3 Pieces of Garlic (YOUR BODY REMAINS DEHYDRATED FOR 8 LONG HOURS)

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The first thing you need to do after washroom is to have a full glass of water or two, to replenish your body with water as it remains dehydrated for the long hours. Squeeze a lemon in the lukewarm water and have this water along with two-three cloves of garlic. This will flush the toxins out of your body, rehydrate your body and keep your digestive track healthy. If you suffer from high blood sugar or arthritis this morning ritual will relieve you.

Soak Mustard Seeds Overnight and Consume them in an Empty Stomach (AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS, CONTROLS BLOOD SUGAR AND KEEP YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACK):

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This is a sure shot way to check obesity. Consume the soaked mustard seeds along with the water and then go for work outs. Being rich in the dietary fibers, mustard seeds help control your weight and being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and photochemical, it keeps blood sugar under control. Not only this, it treats several other diseases like arthritis, migraine and congestion, etc. Consuming mustard seeds is great for your hair skin and promotes the longevity of your youth.

Eat a Fiber-rich/Protein Rich Breakfast in the Early Hours (EGGS ARE THE BEST OPTION):

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Needless to say, as your body remains starved for 8-10 hours, you need to feed yourself in the early hours. Do not take it after 10 am (Ideal time is 7-8 am). There are so many healthy options porridge, oats, brown bread sandwich, freshly squeezed juices and eggs. However, you need to remember that whatever breakfast you take, it should provide you wholesome nutrition.

If you eat high fiber and proteins in the breakfast, it will keep you full till the lunch time and check your cravings to have snacks in between. Fill yourself with healthy food in the morning and feel good all through the day. Eggs are considered to be the best option and the proteins of the eggs are best absorbed by our bodies. But, make sure to eat only organic eggs.

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Solve Quizzes and Puzzles Before Hitting to the Gym or Office (THIS WILL BOOST YOUR IQ):

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So far, we have talked about the healthy living habits that promote your health, but what about your mental well-being? How would you make sure that you remain focused, alert and have a higher intelligence quotient than the others? Studies have revealed that morning hours are the best to make your brain indulge in the workouts. This is so because after 8-10 hours of sleep, your brain is rejuvenated. Make your brain exercise by solving puzzles and riddles. Keep a bowlful of almonds and walnuts beside you and take a fistful of them.

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Yearning for success is apparent, but only a few work hard towards it. Healthy living habits make you achieve your goal by promoting your overall well-being. Morning is the most important time of the day; do not let it go waste just by laying idle on the bed. Kick start your day with the above given healthy habits and keep yourself going. Drink more water all through the day and make sure that you have more fibers and proteins than crabs in the following meals.

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