5 Healthiest Foods for Office Lunch Break

5 Healthiest Foods for Office Lunch Break

Taking oily and greasy food at office time lunch break is the manifestation of the fact that you care a damn about your health.

After spending about 7-8 long hours in office, you need to eat healthy or else you end up in causing undue harm to your health in the long run. So, what are the best lunch ideas for work? Before reaching out to the coffee and tea vending machine, think twice. You already have enough stress at work (phone calls, meeting deadlines, impromptu meeting and more). Eating healthy is the best way to get going, relieving work stress and being more productive. Check out the best lunch ideas for work.

Sprouted Gram and Whole Pulses:

It is easy and quick to prepare. All you need to do is to soak the requisite quantity of gram and whole pulses overnight. In the morning, drain out the water and wrap the material in a cotton cloth. Leave it in open for a day to get them sprout. To add taste, mix black pepper, lemon juice, salt and dress it with chopped green chilies, tomatoes, cabbage and lettuce leaves.

Half-boiled Eggs with Whole Wheat Bread:

Always make it a point to buy brown bread. White bread is unhealthy. To prepare your Tiffin, all you need to do is to just boil the eggs for 3 minutes or you may consider preparing spinach omelet in the least possible quantity of oil. Keep the eggs with bread in your Tiffin and munch this healthy food at break to keep you filled and energetic.


Going green is a great way to be healthy. Green leafy vegetables are a wonderful source of iron, calcium and Vitamin A. So, get hold of a whole wheat bread and prepare sandwich using tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers etc. Again, this is easy to prepare recipe that keep you light and give you a well-balanced nutrition at work.


There are a number of delicacies that you can prepare with porridge. Just keep in mind that you need to limit excessive salt, sugar and oil. Sauté your food. It is always a better option than deep frying and overcooking. So, mix veggies and super spices in the whole wheat porridge and take them at the office lunch time break. This healthy carb gives you a filling sensation and get you going without feeling drowsy.

Mushrooms and Nuterla:

These both are super foods. You can consider making a wonderful recipe using these two. Nuterla is one of the superb sources of proteins and mushrooms has all the requisite vitamins and minerals. Give wings to your imagination and make the recipe even more nutritive by adding leafy veggies, cheese, super spices etc. and have a stomach of it at the office.

Try these lunch ideas for work to stay light, energetic and more productive at work.

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