5 Easy Tips to Reduce Salt Intake in Your Diet

5 Easy Tips to Reduce Salt Intake in Your DietWorried about your rising blood sugar levels and want to cut down the salt level in your diet? Not only high blood pressure, more sodium in the diet leads to a number of health issues like arthritis, fluid retention and kidney stones, etc. Thus, you need to be very particular about the amount of salt you take in your diet.

Here are a few tips to reduce the salt consumption.

Mix Salt in the Food Only When it is Cooked:

Try doing this and you would be able to reduce a considerable amount of salt in your diet. Cook vegetables and lentils without salt. Sprinkle salt over them once they are cooked and simmer. This way you would be able to consume lesser salt because during the process of cooking the saltiness gets destroyed and you would  Your bodies need only 1 tbsp of salt every day so you should try constraining yourself to that amount.

Eating Fresh Veggies:

Almost all the naturally occurring foods contain salt, which includes plant based foods too. This is indeed the best form of salt because it is natural and compatible with your body. Do not use packaged veggies and fruits available in the market.

Do Not Eat the Food Items Kept in Fridge After 2-3 Days:

If food items are kept in the fridge for days a couple of days, you should be eating them as the sodium content tends to be high.

Strictly Avoid Processed Beef and Chicken:

Try using fresh rather than processed beef. Fresh cuts of pork, chicken and beef contain natural sodium and the content is still much lesser than the tons of sodium, which is used in processing ham or bacon for that matter.

Herbs and Spices Add Natural Flavors:

Avoid using condiments and too much of spices in food if you want to reduce salt intake. There are certain naturally occurring herbs and spices that can be used to add natural flavors to your food. Apart from this, you should try avoiding seasoning and sauces as they contain a very high amount of salt.

Avoid Eating Microwaveable Popcorns and Their Seasonings:

You eat these popcorns thinking that they are healthy, but they are loaded with a considerable amount of unnecessary sodium. So, it is better to go for nuts and seeds whenever you feel the urge of snacking. There are several other healthy snacking options too.

Always remember, that salt preference is an acquired habit. If you begin to eat low sodium food, you would hate eating food with more sodium after a couple of weeks when you are adjusting. So, start the healthy habit and cut down the salt level in your diet by using the above given tips.

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