5 Detox Drinks that Cleanse Your Whole Body

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Toxins build up cause undue harm to your bodies. Detox drinks cleanse and detoxify your bodies naturally and melt fat effectively.

Once the toxins are removed from your bodies, you would be able to achieve your weight loss goals easily. However, if you need a long-term drastic detox, you need to consult your doctor. Let us have a quick look at some of the effective homemade detox drinks.

Herbal Tea:

Dandelion tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea etc. support weight loss. They expel toxins from your bodies and are easy to make.For instance, to prepare ginger tea,you need to add crushed ginger in the boiling water and close the lid for some time. When you are ready to sip, you can add a few drops of lemon to enhance its taste.

Cranberry Juice:

Juice of cranberry (karunda) boosts up your body metabolism and the fat of your body gets converted into excess weight.  Apart from enhancing the metabolic rate of your body, it also clears your system from alcohol and nicotine. To keep your system healthy and toxin-free, you should take at least 32 ounces of natural and organic cranberry juice.

Cabbage Broth:

Cabbage is an essential part of your detox body plan. It is so because it detoxifies your liver and helps you achieve weight loss in a short period.

To prepare the juice of cabbage, you need to take cabbage,carrots and pears. Peel carrots and pears, wash them properly and put them in a juicer to detoxify your liver and get a better health. Alternately, you can also prepare cabbage broth.For preparing it, you need to simmer a head of cabbage along with tomatoes and carrots. Mix a pinch of salt and strain the extract. When you ready to take a sip, you can add a pinch of black pepper and a few drops of lemon.

Coriander Extract:

Coriander helps detoxifying your kidneys. If you are facing any type of kidney issues,this detox drink is a must have for you. To prepare coriander juice, you need to boil the fresh and green leaves of coriander. Close the lid of the container and strain the mixture finally. Store this mixture in the refrigerator and consume it daily for long-term benefits.

Lemon and Cucumber:

This combination may seem to be surprising to many. But, the effect of these two ingredients was tested several times. The combination is extremely effective and hence this combo makes a great detox drink. You need to blend tiny pieces of a cucumber and mix it with a juice of ½ lemon. Drinking this twice a day will give you quicker results and cleanse your body thoroughly.

Once your body is cleansed and detoxified,you will have an enhanced vigor and stamina.

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