5 Common Myths About Men’s Sexuality Debunked

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Misconceptions about your sexual health may cost you dearly as they bring unrealistic expectations and leave you perplexed. Stop being apprehensive and prevent the nervousness you may have to face by getting your facts right. Debunked here are some of the prevalent myths about men’s sexuality. Let us talk on this private matter that often misleads you.

They Always Think About Sex:

If you think that males are 24/7 sex machine you are grossly mistaken. They do not actually crave for sex all the time. But yes, they love flirting around with hot and stimulating ladies to overcome their stress. So, the next time you come across a male flirting with you, do not think that he is just interested in sex. May be! He is trying to spend stress free moments with you.

They Like Big Boobs:

This is just another misconception.They are attracted towards overall feminism and big boobs is a part of it. Females with a sumptuous figure, sweet voice, long hair, captivating smile attract them more than a lady who just have a pair of big boobs.

Size Does Not Matter to Them Much:

If you think that males do not care about the size of their manhood, you are wrong. This is a thing which matters to them the most. They feel very insecure if they have a smaller male organ. Sometimes, this becomes a major issue for them. They think they would not be able to satisfy their sex partner.

They Love to Play the Lead Role:

This is not true always. Yes, there are males who prefer to be on the top and like to take the initiative. But, there are plenty of others for whom the pleasure of their partners matters more than their own. They give them the opportunity to start the activity, ask them about their favorite positions, keep on switching the positions and explore the new ways. Some people also believe that controlling ejaculation suck them. This is true to a certain extent. But, nowadays, males like to master the art of controlling ejaculations so that they can seek and give the much-needed pleasure for a long time.

They Can Never Attain Multiple Orgasms:

Yes, they do have. Females can have more frequent and multiple orgasms. But, that does not mean that males cannot attain more than one orgasm. A number of cases are seen where they get multiple orgasms. There is yet another crap. Some people say that masturbation is not healthy for them. This is not at all true. Indeed, if they masturbate twice or thrice a week they would be able to maintain a healthy prostate gland. But, they should not over do it as over masturbation can cause issues like rashes in the penis and erectile dysfunction.

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