5 Best Foods That Keep You Healthy Always

5 Best Foods That Keep You Healthy Always

Our immune system is our defense mechanism that protects our body against the diseases and kill the pathogens that enter our body.

Antibodies, proteins, organs, tissues and cells work in tandem to keep us hail and hearty and prevent the entrance of any foreign substance in our bodies. Given here are 5 super foods that boost the immune system and keep you in the pink of health.

Why Eating the Right Food is Important?

Diseases are caused by the deficiency and disorders. Immunodeficiency is caused either by the side effects of medications or by side effects. An overactive immune system attacks your healthy tissues, leading to autoimmune diseases. Our body has T cells, B cells and antibodies, but only in a limited supply so the kind of food you eat is important to boost immunity.


They are a super food which contains less calories and high protein content. This food is termed as probiotic which means that they help in the production of good bacteria in our system and fight the bad bacteria helping our immune system work better. Studies have revealed that mushrooms also improve the circulation of blood, destroy cancer cells and fight cold, cough & flu successfully.


Taste of raw garlic sucks! It is one of the super foods that prevent the disease and increase the production of WBCs. Not only this, patients with arthritis, high sugar level and high blood pressure level should also incorporate garlic in their food it fights harmful radicals that enter our body in the form of pollutants. Allicin is a chemical found in the garlic that has antiviral properties. It not only detox dangerous materials from your blood stream, but fight with yeast and staph infections.

Oranges and Broccoli

Sulforaphane contained in the broccoli fights diseases and the aging process as it attacks the harmful free radical entering our body. It also helps the body produce Phase 2 enzymes that are powerful anti cancerous chemicals. Oranges and broccoli are rich in antioxidants and detoxify your body from the toxic substances.


They are the richest sources of antioxidants. They fight the urinary tract infections, aging process and prevent many diseases like urinary tract infection, fight aging and prevent degenerative diseases like cancer, memory loss and several heart ailments.

Whey Proteins:

Wondering what is whey protein? It is the byproduct of cheese production. This powerful antioxidant is one of the best foods for boosting immunity, It has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It prevents deadly diseases like cancer, HIV, hepatitis B and cardiovascular diseases.

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