5 Amazing Health Benefits of Tongue Kissing

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Tongue Kissing

French kisses ignite the fire of passion.  But, this gesture of showing love has much more to do than what meets the eyes.

Do you know that apart from being just romantic tongue kissing has several health benefits both for you as well as for your partner? Let us explore the five benefits of tongue kissing. So, the next time you begin the smooching session you would be more inspired.

It Relieves You From Stress:

Before you pop an aspirin and get harmed by its side effects whenever you are stressed, just try tongue kissing with your partner. Studies have revealed that French kiss releases a hormone called serotonin, which relieves you from stress naturally. The autonomous physical changes in your body will make you comfortable and relaxed.

It Boosts Your Immunity:

Cytaomegalovirus is contracted from mouth to mouth contact. Kissing has been associated with the transfer of bugs and hence it boosts up the defense mechanism of the body. It enhances your immunity and prepare you to fight well against the diseases.

It Protects Cavities and Bad Breath:

The exchange of saliva during the smooching session prevents the decay of tooth and formation of plaques. So, if you have oral issues, there is another good reason to kiss your sweetheart. Tongue kissing not only prevents plaques and cavities, but it also lessens bad breath. However, you should make sure to gargle well before the activity.

Mouth and Jaw Exercise:

If you find it difficult to take out time for performing mouth and jaw exercises. Just find out enough time to tongue kiss your sweetheart. It prevents lock jaws. So, if you know all the right tricks, you will end up in performing excellent jaw exercising while performing the act.

It Prevents Headaches:

As already stated that tongue kissing releases serotonin (a chemical that soothes the nerves). Therefore tongue kissing prevents headaches and migraines. So, the next time headache bothers you just try to tongue kiss your partner instead of popping analgesics that have tons of side effects.

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