3 Sure-shot Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life!

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Sexual rut would be the last thing in your mind, especially if you are newly married or have a new love affair. Is this happening to you and you are sinking into the feeling of guilt?

If yes, then it is time for you to spice up your sex life. Given here are a few tips that take you to another world of ecstasy every time you indulge in this pleasure seeking activity. Let us have a quick look.

Have the Right Foreplay:

Do you know what is the biggest hassle to a pleasure-free sex? It is the lack of foreplay. If you want to make sex passionate, intense and utterly pleasurable, then make it a point to indulge in a lot of foreplay. Try to make each and every act as an opportunity to explore each other bodies. Reading and watching erotica would be of great help. Licking, biting, caressing, sucking all the sensitive zones ignite the much needed fire.

Explore Your Fantasies:

This is important. Reverse the dominant and submissive roles. Watch Kama Sutra to get the requisite ideas. Try different sexual positions every night. You can get hold of sex toys and make use of them while indulging in the actual act. This will enhance the actual pleasure of climax and you may be able to reach multiple orgasms. Sex can be a lot more fun than you can possibly think of. You just need to get the right ideas.

Have Enough Romance:

Last but nevertheless the least, you can stop making sex a routine and monotonous affair by entering into a romantic relationship with your sex partner. It so happens sometimes that we are much caught up in our day-to-day activities that we forget spending romantic moments with each other. This affects our sex lives directly. So, if you really want to spice up your sex life you need to take your beloved to candle light dinner, move hand in hand in the moonlight along the beach or go for a long drive. There can be plenty of ideas that you can make use of. Just love your partner and infuse a new lease of life into your sex relations.

In Short:

So, the next time you think that sex has become a routine affair and desperately want to seek pleasure in it, then try the above given useful tips to spice up your sex life.


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