3 Mistakes That Ruin Your Success to Attain Six-pack Abs

3 Mistakes That Ruin Your Success to Attain Six-pack Abs

What do you do to impress a girl and make her fall for you? If striving to attain a six pack abs appealing body is your answer, there are certain things you should be aware of.

Discussed here are three biggest mistakes that do not let you achieve your goal. But, prior to that let us clear some basic concepts.

What is the Difference Between Losing Weight and Developing Abs?

Yes! Getting six-pack abs means losing body fat tremendously. For you the optimal body fat percentage is 8 and for the females it is 15%. If you are just trying to lose immense amount of weight only then a little change to your diet would make a lot progress. For instance, taking a lot of water, high fiber rich food etc. will prove to be beneficial for you. You just need to cut down your calorie consumption. But, if six pack abs along and a super muscular body is your goal, you need to follow a rigorous process. In your attempts to get your dream body, there are certain mistakes which you are likely to make. Let us have a quick look at such three common mistakes.

You Try to Indulge in too Many Crunches and Abs Exercises:

There are plenty of abs exercises that you try doing day in and day out. That apart, you do not forget to do the crunches. These all help you build a stronger core, but these cannot reduce your body fat to a new level. Even if you do endless reps of ab exercises you would not be able to build sufficient muscles or make your body work hard enough to burn the amount of calories you need to burn.

Spot fat reduction is a complete myth. A lot of people believe in this and end up in committing blunders. Spot reduction means reducing fat from certain parts of your body by working on the muscles beneath it. Our bodies can never store fat in one particular place, therefore losing fat in one specific area is next to impossible. Have you ever seen a person with ripped packs, but flabby thighs? No. This is so because the concept of spot reduction does not exist. So, you should try and focus on losing fat from all over the body to get a well toned body and the super sexy six pack abs.

You Believe in Ab Equipment so Religiously:

You are making constant efforts to build six pack abs that you turn desperate and start believing that there is something like ab equipment. There is nothing like that. Do not believe that only those who use this equipment have great bodies. Those who have successfully attained the six pack abs and have great bodies are in the habit of training their whole bodies and sticking to a strict diet plan. This we have talked about as well. So, stop fooling yourself by believing there is a miracle abdominal exercise equipment that can help you attain your goal. This is a false concept and do not make the mistake of buying these ultra expensive equipment.

You Are Consuming too Many Calories Thinking That it Would Help in Building Muscles:

There are so  many people who try to build abs but forget that unconsciously they are taking the calories that can foil their efforts. Yes! Even if you are striving hard in the gyms, but taking even 400 surplus calories in a day from snacks (which is very easy and people do that unconsciously) you would be taking 2800 extra calories a week. So, if you do not take healthy and protein rich snacks in between your meals you will fail to get your dream body. Start your day with a protein rich breakfast (eggs, milk and almonds). Incorporate protein in every meal, but try to avoid an overdose of it.

Ask the guys who have attained their goal that whether having six pack abs and flaunting them with pride is better than the best testing food in the world. I hope you know the answer! So, what you are waiting for? get yourself started today and stop making the blunders you have made till date.

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