3 Effective Ways on How to Have Multiple Orgasms

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All the caring males out there who are concerned more about satisfying their ladylove, would like to know how to give her better and multiple orgasms.

If similar is the case with you, and you too want your sex partner to achieve the ultimate gratification of the play many times, then given here are certain useful tips for you.

Foreplay Plays the Key Role:

Put her in the right frame of mind. You can try several techniques to turn her on. By doing so, you will achieve the climax easily and more than once.Talk passionately to stimulate her first. Watching an adult movie or reading the similar literature together helps. Explore her whole body including curves and plant kisses on each sensuous part. Caressing her everywhere gently while she is nude helps in arousing her.

Avoid Licking:

In the beginning when you are just trying to turn her on, you should not try your tongue, it may destroy her mood altogether. Most of the women do not like to get licked and that too when you have not started the play. So, avoid this. To arouse her just plant kisses all through her body. This will ignite the fire of passion and she will find hard to resist the temptation and will initiate the play herself. Let her do, this is a better way to enjoy the ultimate pleasure. You just have to follow her lead. She will do whatever she likes.

Try to Resist Yourself and Tease Her For a Long Time:                              

The more you will resist yourself in the beginning the better would be the climax later. So, if you anticipate to enjoy a better sex and want to get and give better orgasms, tease her as long as you can. Her clitoris is the most sensitive part and rubbing that part can stimulate her the most. So, before you switch on to the actual play rub her clitoris (It is this part that contains most of the nerve ending). In all probability, she is likely to get clitoral orgasms more than once. If not, you can strike the iron as it must be red hot by now. She has already driven wild. Now, penetrating her deep down and hitting her G-spot time and again will sure to give her better and multiple orgasms.

There is no magic wand to get better, effective and multiple orgasms. It is all about understanding your partners cravings. If you love and care for her, you would yourself, try to cater her sexual needs first. Just try the above given useful tips and you would be amazed to see outstanding results.

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