11 Low Calorie Foods That Reduce Your Weight Effectively

11 Low Calorie Foods That Reduce Your Weight Effectively

Are you smart enough to take just the right amount of calories that keep you full for the day? Do you know what low calorie food should you take to keep you fit and active through the day?

Though there are certain zero calorie foods like cucumber, celery, watermelons that hydrate and detox your bodies, but these types of food do not give you a sensation of filled stomach. Let us explore the top 10 low calorie foods that can make a fitness regime a complete success.


An apple a day, keeps your fat away. It really works! Want to know how? Apples contain non digestible compounds which promote the growth of gut friendly bacteria. Fibers and polyphenols contained in the apple remains undigested till they are fermented in the colon. These act as food for gut friendly bacteria and your body’s bad bacteria that thrive on junk food stuffs are outweighed. This in turn restores the microbial balance and the chronic inflammation (which increase obesity) is reduced drastically.


Cinnamon is one such low calorie foods that have a multitude of other health benefits also. It contains iron, calcium, manganese and studies have revealed that a regular consumption of cinnamon increases your body metabolic rate by 20 percent. A thermogenic burn in the body helps to shed fat quickly and effectively. That apart, it is a powerful antioxidant and its regular consumption prevents heart disease, risk of obesity.


Consuming a few almonds a day helps you achieve your weight loss goals. A recently conducted study has shown that consuming about 43 grams of almonds in a day suppresses your hunger pangs. This nut is immensely low in calories because as many as ten almonds contain 78 calories and they contain Vitamin E in addition to mono-saturated fat (which is good for your heart.) Essential fats contained in the almonds keep high cholesterol levels at bay.

Cayenne Pepper:

Studies have shown that cayenne pepper speeds up the body metabolism by 25  percent or even more. Capsaicin is one such ingredient of cayenne pepper that gives it a spicy flavor and boosts up your body metabolism. Capsaicin has a thermogenic chemical that enhances body metabolism. Even after having a diet full of calories, if you consume cayenne pepper you will burn excess calories effectively. It slows down the development of fats in the body by activating a body protein known as kinase.

Aside from boosting your body metabolism, cayenne pepper suppresses your hunger pangs and you do not feel hungry for a long time.


Just a cup of steamed broccoli is all what you need if you are on a weight loss mission. It is a wonderful source of Vitamin A, K and Vitamin C. It is high in dietary fibers and contains Vitamin B6, omega 3 fatty acids, B2, phosphorus, proteins and magnesium. In one serving you consume just 40 calories or a little more.


Like so many other legumes and beans, this is one such low calorie foods that gives you protein in the right amount and it is low in sodium content also. It helps in the retention of water or bloating. If you are on a weight loss mission, you should incorporate lentils in your diet. It supports bowel movements and it contains soluble fibers in high amount that keeps you satiated for a long time.


Some call it a vegetable and others a fruit. Whatever it may be, it is just one of the most important low calorie foods that helps you keep fit. They have a few calories and having them along with the meals give you the sensation of filled stomach. Tomatoes contain fibers that retain water. The more intake of tomatoes helps you keep slimmer and the Lycopene content in the tomatoes fight cancerous cells.


How about having a fistful of olives with your glass of red wine! As many as 20 olives contain 68 calories roughly. So, switching to olive oil for cooking and eating olives for the liver as well as weight reduction is a great idea. They are one such low calorie foods that are high in healthy fats and help you achieve your weight loss goals. To  make them edible you need to reduce their natural bitterness by adding vinegar to it. They contain all the essential nutrients and are high monounsaturated fat that reduces bad cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

Whole Grains:

It could be anything brown rice, brown bread or oatmeal. Filling fibers in the oats help you maintain your blood sugar levels. If you want to prevent overeating throughout the day and boost your metabolic rate, consider having whole grains in the breakfast. This will keep you satiated.

Sweet Potatoes:

Do you like eating sweet potatoes? Do you know that they help shedding pounds? So, try substituting potato with the sweet one. Apart from helping you shed weight successfully, sweet potatoes are one such super food that is rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium and fibers.


Spinach is one such vegetable which does not taste great but yes, it is a boon for your health. It contains high level of antioxidants, Vitamin A and iron. So, try starting your day with a spinach omelette or sandwich. You can also have it at your lunch and dinner or consider it raw or partially cooked. In whatever form you take spinach, it is just a great way to reduce your weight successfully.

If you are on a weight loss mission and looking for some great low calorie foods, then try avocado,pomegranate, berries etc. apart from consuming all the other enlisted foods. Always remember that you can attain success only if you try to eat healthy which does not mean switching to fresh fruits and veggies only. Whole grains and spices are equally effective low calorie foods that keep you full for a long time and give you a balanced nutrition.

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