11 Effective and Risk-free Home Remedies for Abortion

11 Effective and Risk-free Home Remedies for Abortion

You had experienced the zenith of pleasure last night, but a fear creeps instantly into your mind. What to do if..? To top it all, if pregnancy strip shows two lines, your blood freezes!


It is true that not many people are aware of the fact that there are natural ways to terminate pregnancy. However, there are certain home remedies for abortion that work wonders to terminate early pregnancy.

But, you have to keep in mind that the health risks related to these abortion remedies increase with the advancement of pregnancy.

Rigorous Workouts in Gym

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Start working out rigorously if you suspect you have conceived and want the abortion done naturally. Climbing the stairs several times, running for long distances with a load on your back helps you to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. It is better to join a gym and start rigorous work outs.

Having Sex Several Times a Day:

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You would drop your jaw. But, yes! What has caused your problem is actually its solution also. Having sex several times a day can terminate your early pregnancy. It has been proved that repeated penetration and orgasms can prove to be helpful in terminating your early pregnancy successfully. So, if you indulge in this for the first month, you can do away with the unwanted pregnancy.

Shoots of Banana and Acacia Pods:

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The mixture of these two can be one of the greatest home remedies for abortion. For this home remedy, you are required to take pods of acacia and the shoots of banana in a bowl and mix well. Make sure you do not add water to this mixture. This mixture needs a little sun exposure, so you need to place the bowl under the sun and let them get dry. Bring the mixture to shade and add a little sugar. Consume a spoonful of this mixture several times a day and you would start bleeding.


Pineapple Juice:

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This is so because pineapple has Vitamin C and Protease enzyme called bromelain. The combo of these two can induce miscarriages in the early stages. Bromelain of the pineapple juice is capable of softening the cervix and leads to the miscarriage eventually. You can also consider consuming a bowlful of this fruit, to get the results you desire.

Sesame Seeds With Honey:

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Sesame seeds are considered to be one of the best and safest home remedies for abortion. You can consume sesame seeds in two ways. Either soaks these seeds overnight and consume its extract in the morning or take a teaspoonful of fried sesame seeds with a tablespoonful of honey.[wp_ad_camp_2]

Parsley Water With Lemon:

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Parsley is known for inducing contractions and hence it is considered to be great in inducing abortion in the first stages. This wonderful herb is the main regulator of your menstrual cycles. So, if you have been missing your period, consume parsley water several times a day and mix lemon juice with it (Vitamin C induces bleeding.)

Aspirin Tablets:

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You may be using aspirin tablets as an analgesic. But, these tablets can be used successfully to start menstrual cycle. If you think that you have conceived and missing your period, then do not delay. Take 4-10 Aspirin tablets along with a cup of water and to get the best results you need to support these tablets with coffee, cloves, ginger and parsley.

Take a High Dose of Vitamin C:

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Vitamin C which is also known as Ascorbic acid can stimulate the production of estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is a hormone that facilitate menstruation and hence taking a high dose of Vitamin C can create hormonal imbalance in your body which lead to an early abortion. To obtain the best results, you need to begin consuming this Vitamin if you suspect pregnancy. Take at least 10-12 grams of this Vitamin daily until bleeding starts. But, if the bleeding does not start in 6 days you should try other safe options.

Dried Chamomile Water or Chamomile Tea:

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Prepare Chamomile tea several times a day to have a safe abortion. Drink this tea several times a day. Chamomile helps in contracting your uterus muscles and induce the production of hormones that induce bleeding.

Black Cohosh:

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It is known to be one of the best and the most effective home remedies for abortion. As this miraculous herb makes your uterus ready for the action you desire. However, you need to take red cohosh after the consumption of the black one. But, you need to be careful before trying this remedy because black cohosh reduces your heart rate and can cause several side effects like vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Henceforth, it is better to try this remedy only after consultation.

Taking Hot Shower Several Times a Day:

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Just like Black Cohosh, American Pennyroyal is another herb that is just another herb that has been tested clinically for terminating early pregnancy naturally. The herb has been used extensively for making contraceptives and pills. If you take any of these herbs or both for getting rid of unwanted pregnancies, take a hot shower after that. Hot shower combined with the intake of herbs will prove to be a great help. Take Action Emergency Contraceptive , Levonorgestrel 1.5mg

Dandelion, St.John’s wort, fish oil, iodine, Kelp, yoghurt, sprouts all are helpful in inducing your menstrual cycle.

Things You Need to Keep In Mind While Trying Home Remedies for Abortion:

Yes! It is painful. Abortion, whether natural or induced causes pain and cause bleeding. So, staying safe is the best option.

  • The safest of all methods is try chamomile tea that can help relax your uterus naturally.
  • Fresh juices of hawthorn and red raspberry also help.
  • If you start bleeding profusely, try consuming corn silk or nutmeg to check bleeding.[wp_ad_camp_1]

If you are blessed with motherhood and want to keep the pregnancy, strictly avoid these 5 foods.

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