10 Weird Facts About Eyelashes Demystified

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Big and dense eyelashes make you look pretty. For centuries, eyelashes are considered as a beauty element and owing to this reason people pay more heed to enhance the beauty of their eyelashes.

There are certain incredible facts about these tiny yet pretty little hair growing on our eyelids. Demystified here are 10 weird facts about eyelashes. Let us have a quick look.

They Begin to Grow When You are 7-8 Weeks in the Womb:

  • Your eyelashes begin to grow before you are born. Studies have revealed that they start growing when you are just 7-8 weeks in the womb.

They Shed Daily:

  • Disappointing this may sound to those who want dense eyelashes, but it is true that 1-5 will drop each day. This is so because the cycle of their growth is much shorter than your hair and this is the reason why they do not grow too long.

Their Lengths Vary:

  • If you think that side eyelashes are relatively longer and curlier then you are mistaken. Your mid eyelashes are longer than the side ones.

Upper and Lower Eyelashes Differ Greatly:

  • The hairs on your upper lid are much denser and fuller than the lower lash line. This is the only difference. The upper eyelid is much fuller with more than 200 lashes whereas the lower one has around 100.

They are Protein and Meant for Protection:

  • Eyelashes are protective in nature. They protect your eyes from debris and function exactly like the whiskers of animals. They are made up of protein.

They Live Longer Than Hair on Your Head:

They can last as much as 200 days. Can you believe this? On the other hand hair on your head last only for 120-135 days. Incredible though it may sound but yes, it is a fact.

Mites Live on Your Eyelashes:

There is a mite by the name of demodex folliculorum that live at the root of our eyelashes. These creatures thrive there and bury themselves to the hair shaft. Though they do not cause any harm to your lashes, but you should be very careful while removing your eye makeup because if their number increases your eyelashes will shed more often.

Only Mammals Have Eyelashes:

Eyelashes are a distinctive feature of mammals only. So, if you are proud of your long, dense and curly eyelashes, but like you cows, giraffe and cats all have them.

They are Shorter Than a Centimeter:

Do you know how longer your eye lashes are? On an average, they are 10 millimeters long. But there is a record of an eyelash growing to 6.4 centimeters.

Their Growth can be Stimulated:

Longer eyelashes are attractive and therefore women should take care of protecting and conditioning them. This stimulates their growth.

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