7 Useful Tips to Improve Memory and Focus in a Month!

7 Useful Tips to Improve Memory and Focus in a Month!

So, you have a difficult time remembering things? You lack focus at work because of which you are facing dire consequences? Worry not! Because not everyone is blessed with a photographic memory and the matters become worse when you begin to age.

However, the good new is you can improve your memory and concentration to a great extent and make your lives better. Given here are the 10 golden tips that work wonders to improve your memory and concentration.

Start With Believing That Your Memory Will Improve:

There are plenty of people like you who just think that they have a terrible memory. But, just like others if you think that your awful memory cannot improve or you can never remember tasks and things then you can never improve. As a first step, you need to inculcate positive thoughts and convince yourself that you can do it!

Doing Brain Exercises Preferably in the Morning:

Brain exercises make your brain work harder than it normally does. Indulge in solving riddles, puzzles, crosswords or Sudoku. Though you can try doing any time when you are free, but doing them in the morning will give you the optimal benefits. So, if you are lacking focus in work, spare some time in solving crosswords and then come back to work, you will be pleasantly surprised to notice a change.


Take a Pictorial View of Things You Want to Remember:

This is a fact! Our brain gets impressed and remembers pictures more than the words. So, if you cannot memorize the written words, try doing so with the help of pictures or you can co-relate the things you want to remember with other things you know and understand well. This will go a long way to memorize the intricate things. To remember with the help of pictures is a vivid memory technique which works.

Remembering a Deck of Playing Cards:

Make your brain work harder and it will tend to do well. The more you use it, the better it would work. Apparently, at first you will (and nobody else can memorize the entire deck of card). You can begin with five cards and then gradually move to a bigger number as you get better. If you can perform this memory technique, you are sure to notice an improvement.

Take Wholesome Nutrition to Keep Your Brain Nourish:

You are what you eat! So, your brain tends to become slow if you are not feeding it properly. Make a switch to a healthy lifestyle and start taking a wholesome diet if you have a difficult time recalling and lack focus. Nuts, fishes and other foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are advisable for you.

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 is responsible for a significant amount of memory loss. Our body uses this Vitamin to produce the myelin sheath of our nerve cells and low level of myelin results in hampering nerve signals.

Keep Depression at Bay:

Your depression is the prime cause of your memory loss. The brain of depressed people secretes low levels of norepinephrine and serotonin. These two chemicals activate the hippocampus, which is the memory part of the brain where all the information gets stored and can be retrieved.

Physical Exercise Is Necessary:

Needless to say, a healthy brain resides in a healthy body. So, indulging in physical exercises (at least for 30 minutes) can make your body active and make your brain perform well. Take time out from your daily routine for performing aerobics. Bicycling is also a great way to exercise.

Last but not the least, repetition makes your brain memorize better. Repeat the things you want to memorize. Follow the above given useful memory retention tips and see the improvement in a month.

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