10 Daily Habits that Make You Grow Sharper and Smarter

Daily Habits that Make You Grow Sharper

It so happens sometimes that you stand blank in front of your refrigerator thinking why you have come there for. This makes you feel so stupid. Do you find it difficult to recall the things you were about to say and can not focus on work or studies?

How about performing the brain gym and eating the food containing Omega-3 fatty acids like nuts and fishes. Here is a quick look at the 10 daily habits that make your brain grow sharper, smarter and more confident.

Starting a Day with Walnut!

Have you ever noticed the shape of walnut? It resembles human brain. Though all the nuts and food containing omega-3s have neuro-protective properties, walnut is the best brain food you can have in the morning when your body is the best receptive mode. Research has proven that Omega-3s increases the gray matter of your brain and helps in the formation of new tissues. Antioxidant rich foods like berries and green tea are no lesser than a boon to your brain health.

Eliminate Sugar and Fats from Your Diet:

If you take sugar-laden breakfast after consuming walnuts or green tea then you will see no results. Sugar and fats hamper learning abilities and memory. A study conducted on rats shown that the rats who over consume fructose show a damaged synaptic activity which results in their communication system being hampered. Save yourself from sugars by switching to organic honey and protect your brain from damage.

Solve Puzzles and Sudoku in the Morning:

Just like your body muscles, your brain needs exercise to perform optimally. To make the brain sharper and smarter you need to perform brain gym. Learning any new thing like a foreign language a musical instrument or any thing that can make your brain work better. Writing poems, stories or just solving quizzes or puzzles in the morning is a good exercise for your brain that stimulates your brain and makes it work better.

Learn a Musical Instrument:

Neuro-scientists are of the belief that musical training improves the function of your brain and strengthens the connectivity between the different regions of your brain. So, learning musical instrument increases volume of the gray area of your brain. When you play a musical instrument your brain begin to interpret and integrate variety of sensory information. If you start before the age of 7, you would be able to do a lot more good to your brain.

Indulge in Meditation and Stress Reduction:

Mindful meditation and the stress reduction are actually beneficial. Hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory. This part shows gradual atrophy with stress and age. Meditation helps in the reduction of stress and let you focus better. Chronic stress triggers long-term changes in the structure of brain and leads to the decline of cognitive abilities.

Becoming Supportive and Social:

Avoid being socially isolated this leads to a number of psychological and neurological disorders. Your mind remains attentive as long you communicate with others. A portion of cerebrum governs communication and being social is all about stimulating that part of the brain which results in better cognizance. Socializing is a good way to boost the health of your brain.

Give up Smoking and Drinking Habit:

Needless to say, that the foods that we take have a profound impact on the health of your brain. Nicotine, alcohol and all types of drugs can disrupt the flow of blood to the brain and have an adverse impact on the cognitive abilities of your brain. Apart from doing brain gyms in the form of quizzes and puzzles you need to give up the vices also to maintain a healthy brain.

Avoid the Habit of Multi-tasking:

You do not have to focus on too many things at a time. Keeping yourself engaged is good enough but if you do so many tasks all together, your brain will not encode the information there and then, as the result of which you get confused and tend to make mistakes.

Listening to Music while exercising:

Have you come across the term “Mozart effect?” It suggests that listening to the classical music turns your smarter and also boosts your cognitive levels. It also enhances the verbal fluency skills. Physical exercise is good for improving the blood circulation to brain. Tune into music when you exercise and you would be able to develop verbal fluency.

Sleep Like an Infant:

A sound and uninterrupted sleep helps you retain information in the long term. Sleep triggers certain changes in your brain that solidify the memories and strengthen the connections between the brain cells. So, the transfer of information from one brain cell to another gets better.

Rise with the sun, consume coconut or fish oil and indulge in the brain gym daily and explore a better and sharper you!

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