10 Daily Habits That Make You Fatter With Each Passing Day

10 Daily Habits That Make You Fatter With Each Passing Day

If you think that pastas, noodles and potatoes are the major culprits, think again! They may not be the prime causes of your weight gain. The reason to this is simple enough. People know that these foods are bad for their health and therefore they stay away from them.

On the other hand, there are certain daily habits because of which they gain weight unknowingly. Unleashed here are 10 such habits which make you fatter with each passing day and leave you confused about your growing waistline.

You Take Bigger Bites or Swallow Food Without Chewing it Properly:

Like most of the other people, you may also be indulging in this habit that makes you fatter. You consume roughly 50 per cent more calories in just one sitting in comparison to those who take smaller bites and chew their food thoroughly. So, avoid doing this. Do not eat while you are in haste. Cut your food into smaller pieces and chew it thoroughly. You would be able to enjoy the taste of food better and would be able to lose fat deposits also.

You Take Late Breakfast:

At what time you take your breakfast after having your lime water? If you take it at 9 am or later, sorry to say but you would not be able to get your dream waistline. You need to take breakfast 30 minutes after your waking up in the morning. It should be around 7:30 am. This will boost your metabolism and if you are not doing so, your body enters into starvation mode which has an adverse impact on your weight loss goals.

You Eat in Bigger Dishes:

Believe it or not, if you are taking bigger dishes, you are consuming more food which will defeat your weight loss mission. Try to serve yourself food on smaller dishes and also make sure to fill half of your platter with fresh raw veggies and sprouts and another half with cooked food.

You Prefer to stay Away from Whole Grains:

You think that carbohydrate is the major culprit and hence you prefer to stay away from it. You do not incorporate whole grains in your diet and hence you are unable to lose weight. This is so because whole grains contain a lot of fibres and give you a sensation of filled stomach. If you want to lose abdominal fat effectively, you should not exclude whole grains from your diet. Resist taking refined counter parts of whole grains and switch to a bowlful of oats or porridge in breakfast. This will enable you to lose your waistline quickly.

You Do Not Take Small Meals in Between:

Whenever you sit down to eat, you eat your head off. You make it a point to fill your stomach up to brim and then get up from the dining table. If you do, you would not be able to lose weight, however hard you may try. This is so because you are hampering your body metabolism and accumulating calories. Try eating lesser at a time. Take more of healthy snacks in between your meals. This will boost your metabolism and keep you thinner.

You Choose to Drink Alternatives to Water:

Drinking water is monotonous to you and therefore you drink either carbonated drinks or coffee thinking that you are taking water equivalents. But, carbonated drinks are a complete health hazard and coffee dehydrates your bodies. So, drink adequate amount of water so that all your body can function optimally. To get quicker results drink ice cold water and you will lose more weight because your body would try to bring that water to its own temperature and in this bid calories are lost naturally!! Also try not drink water before you go to bed.

You are not Taking Enough Sleep:

You are stressed and are not able to sleep properly. This is the reason why you are growing fatter. Your body burns fat when you are fast asleep. If you cannot sleep 8-9 hours a day, you will not be able to lose weight.

You Take Diet Cokes, Processed Soups and Fruity Drinks:

You think that diet cokes have zero calories. They actually cause more harm. Stay away from them to get slimmer waistline. Not only this, lime soda and fruit juices are your worst foes. Stop having fructose corn soups. It is not healthy. It is enriched with thickening agents to keep you satiate.

You are Eating Late at Night:

You take late night dinners and go to sleep right after that. This is the habit that is making you fatter. Make it a point to have you dinner not later than 8 pm. Take lighter and healthier meals at night and go for a jog after half an hour before you finally go to sleep. This will let you keep your waistline slimmer.

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