10 Amazing Health Benefits of Having Sex More Often

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Having Sex More Often

How often you indulge in sex? daily, once a week, fortnight, month or not at all? It depends on your mood, availability of partner, age factor and your relations. Right? But, indulging in this pleasure-seeking activity has many health advantages that are hard to be ignored.

Health benefits of sex are proven and so let your passion go wild for your health’s sake also. Explore the 10 Reasons why you should have sex daily or more often.

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Helps You Stay Slim:

Are you looking for ways to shed the extra calories? If yes, then you should know that having sex is one of the most wonderful ways to burn calories. Smooching for half an hour makes you lose 320 calories, 20 minutes of foreplay before intercourse let you lose 87 calories and sexual intercourse for about an hour makes you lose 90 calories. So, you will lose more than 500 calories a day. It is the reason why sex is called one of the best exercises to lose weight quickly.

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Relieves You from Headaches and Other Pains:

Apparently, when you have sex your muscles get relaxed in order to reach the highest pleasure point (orgasms). Endorphin released during orgasms are a pain relieving hormone, that resembles morphine closely and hence people that indulge in sex frequently are less likely to suffer from headaches and backaches.

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Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

Studies have shown that penile-vaginal intercourse helps in lowering down the blood pressure levels. During the process of sexual activity, the overall rate flow to the heart, improves and hence people who have sex often are less likely to suffer from blood pressure spikes and heart strokes. So, if you want to keep your heart healthy, having more sex and often is the way to go. Men that make love regularly or at least thrice a week are 45% lesser vulnerable to the heart diseases than those who have them once a month or so, as per a study conducted recently.

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More Ejaculation Means Lesser Chances of Prostate Cancer:

Ejaculating frequently can lower the risk of prostate cancer. Apart from this, the body fluids that come out during the process of ejaculation help in keeping the prostate gland healthy for years. Regular ejaculation helps in clearing the fluids. But yes, it is true that to reap the benefits of this you do not need a partner. If with the help of masturbation you are able to emit the fluids out, you are not likely to become the victim of it.

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Helps Sleep You Better:

The endorphin released during orgasms make you sleep better. So, if you are suffering from the lack of sleep or have disturbed sleep, then take a trip to the bed. Not only, endorphin, but there is another brain soothing hormone called prolactin is released during orgasms which helps you sleep better. But, keep it in mind that highly active sex can make you feel full of energy so if you want to sleep better go for a subdued session.

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Improved Control Over Urinary Bladder in Females:

Sexual intercourse helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that contract at the time of reaching orgasms. This in turn helps women to have a better control over bladder and as the result of which they are able to avoid incontinence. This health benefit can be enhanced further by practicing Kegel exercises during the process of intercourse (It is a form of exercise that is done by drawing lower pelvic muscles up and then holding them tightly.)

A good round of sex is like a perfect workout for your pelvic floor muscles. When you reach orgasms, the contractions of the pelvic muscles help in strengthening them.03.jpg beautiful you

Make You Look Young and Vital:

A study conducted at Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, the people that have regular sex are able to release more sex hormones: estrogen and testosterone that help keep them looking young and agile. More release of estrogen makes your skin glow, keeps you active and promotes your hair growth. So, turn the clock back by hitting the bed with your partner more often!

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Relieves Stress:

This is so because during the process of intercourse two stress-alleviating hormones Oxytocin and Endorphins are released during the activity. These two hormones are termed as feel good hormones and help in creating the feeling of intimacy that stave off depression and feeling of lowliness.  The release of these two soothing hormones at the time of orgasm makes you feel better.

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Boosts Immunity:

Those who have sex regularly are found to have a high level of antibodies called immunoglobulin A (IgA). These antibodies help your body combat a number of diseases including colds, coughs and flu. This is the reason, perhaps why a large number of people prefer to remain cozy in beds with their partners during winter.

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Relieves You from Menstrual Cramps:

In the process of orgasms, the uterus contracts and in doing so the whole body gets rid of the cramp causing compounds. So, indulging in sex with just a little care during the periods can relieve your menstrual cramps and can make you feel better. But yes, all care should be taken to make the process free of mess.

This is not the end of all. There are plenty of other health benefits of sex like it helps blood flow properly to the different organs of your body and as the result of which you do not have the risk factor of suffering from coronary artery disease, heart strokes and kidney disease. It is termed as one of the best cardiovascular exercise that helps you kick off the body fat and boosts your libido. This is so because the more frequent sex helps in enhancing vaginal lubrication and improved blood flow to the genitals.

Apart from the other health benefits of sex, it makes you feel good, boosts your self esteem. Just by hugging and caressing your beloved you are able to switch to a good mood.  This is so because researches have shown that any kind of sexual arousal makes your brain release a “feel-good chemical” and revs up your brain that in turn gives you the sense of ecstasy.

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